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Since many years ago every country has fought for their ideals. Each one has made their effort to be powerful, or to have a good economy. Great technology is another important characteristic a nation would like to have. And one of the most important characteristic a sustainable development, this means to use resources wisely, to satisfy peoples needs without depleting resources or cause environmental impact that will finally undercut the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. Our research is about a country that has demonstrated intelligence in every aspect of a nation. United States Of America or USA has been the most powerful country over years. It is best known for its great technological advances. USA influence all over the world has been the causes of many actions. Many countries try to act according to what this country likes, they do this so USA can support them in case they have any problem.

And they have shown that they can give their help to any needed country.

Geography USA Is located in North America, bordering both the North Atlantic Ocean to the east and the North Pacific Ocean (coastline 19,924 km) to the west, between Canada (8,893 km)to the north, Mexico(3,326 km ) and Cuba (29 km) to the south. Its geographical coordinates are 38 00 N, 97 00 W. The total area of it is 9,629,091sq km from which land is 9,158,960 sq km, and water is 470,131 sq km. We compared this important country with others and it is about one half the size or Russia; about three-tenths the size of Africa; about on half the size of South America (or a little larger than Brazil); slightly larger than china; and about two and one half times the size of Western Europe. USA is the third...