Using Technology to Cheat

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Using Technology to Cheat

Using Technology to Cheat

The notion of ethics has long been a source of much discussion. In fact, many of us have little doubt that the idea of ethics has been around as long as society itself. Ethics is a simple word, but one that has a very complicated definition and meaning. Ethics is defined as "A system of moral principles" ( American Heritage Dictionary, 2000). What does this truly mean? The answer it appears is a matter of perspective. Another fascinating thing about this concept is that the idea of ethics is ever-evolving. A continuously changing world necessitates that our interpretation of what is ethical must also evolve. Today we are confronted by ethical problems that simply did not exist in the past. Most of this has to do with the increasing role of technology in our lives.

The rapid advance of different technologies in recent years has definitely served to make our lives easier. At this point, our society can hardly imagine getting through our daily routine without the benefit of devices such as cell phones or computers. These along with numerous other advances serve to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. The recent strides made in technological advancement in just the last few decades are staggering to say the least. Great progress been made to come up with new medicines to cure disease, invent ways to help us communicate and stay in touch with the ones we love, and even the internet and its seemingly infinite possibilities are all welcomed changes in our lives. These along with a plethora of other improvements all have their place in our day to day lives as we continue to adapt to...