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Utah (also known as the Beehive State) was founded on January 4, 1896. It is the forty fifth state; the capital of Utah is Salt Lake City named after the Great Salt Lake. Utah's state bird is the Seagull and its state flower is the Sego Lily.

The first people in Utah were Desert Creature Hunters in the Great Basin. They started gathering around the Great Basin about twelve thousand years ago. They lived off nature and make their tools and weapons out of natural minerals. Later on the Fremont Culture started in Utah in about 400AD. Archeologists believe that they gathered north of the Colorado River. They learned to grow corn, squash, and beans. They built their houses underground. The Fremont Culture was known for their rock art, they drew figures and symbols by painting and chipping images on the canyon walls.

Usually Utah has about three hundred cloudless days each year, it is also one of the driest states in the United States second to Nevada.

Summers are long and warm and winters are short and cold. In the summer the highest temperature recorded was one hundred seventeen degrees Fahrenheit and in the winter the lowest temperature recorded was minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperature changes occur in the smallest distances in Utah.

Utah's economy is very well developed. Manufacturing is a pretty big part in Utah's economy. Utah manufactures products such as rocket engines, computer parts, computer software, and missiles for fighter planes. Service jobs are also have a key role in Utah's economy, about one hundred thirty thousand people in Utah have service jobs. Such service jobs include truck drivers, pilots, nurses, waitresses, repairmen, and university professors. Probably the biggest part in Utah's economy is tourism because it makes almost one billion dollars a year.