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V for Vendetta Essay Henry Costello

In the film V for Vendetta, the director, James Mcteigue uses camera work and dialogue to highlight the nature of a character in the film. In the film we can see a parallel connection between Evey and V, which is in the first scene, the nature of the character "Evey" was influenced by the torturing of V, the nature of the character "V" was changed by the experimental study of the Government. The influence "V" has on Evey is portrayed in the scene where Evey takes the role of setting the train bombs off. Mcteigue uses Motifs and ideas which also create connections between Evey and V in the film, which help reveal the nature of the characters. In the movie V for Vendetta, 'V' is a man who escaped an unfair virus trial by the government as an experimental study. He vows himself to revenge and kill those responsible.

He also becomes a rebel leader, fighting like a freedom fighter against dictatorship in Britain, set in the future and ruled by Norsefire, a fascist political party in a totalitarian government. The woman Evey, a protagonist in the film, is victim of an attempted rape by the secret police, when she knowingly breaks the law by leaving her house after curfew. The policemen used their status to create fear by threatening her in order to be respected and obeyed, Evey is then saved by the mysterious masked man. However, it is intriguing to visualize a masked man, which we will soon identify as V, taking matters into his own hands by destroying the established yet corrupt government, in hopes of a new beginning for the people. In the film V for Vendetta, V's action illustrates the history of Guy Fawkes's bulletproof idea, which contributes...