Value Of Cloning

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The value of science VS science's values Does the fact that we can do something always mean that we should do it? This is not only an insightful question, but also lands right in the middle of a very hazy topic; Morals and Ethics. Morals and ethics are two huge concepts that engulf many other issues. In this paper, we will be discussing morals and ethics as they may relate to science, particularly cloning. Before we delve into this question, let us first get a grasp on what exactly morals and ethics are.

Morals, as defined by Nina Rosenstand, author of The Moral of the Story, usually refer to the moral rules that we follow and the values that we have. Each of us, from birth have been almost encoded with a set of rules, usually from our parent figures or church, that we are taught to live and apply correctly in our daily adventures of life.

Ethics, as defined by Rosenstand, is generally thought of as the theories about these moral rules. Ethics questions and justifies the moral rules that we live by. If ethics can find no justification for a particular set of rules, it may ask us to abandon them. This then begs the question, what moral and ethical codes do we live by? Many of us were taught at a young age the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is a very solid rule that we all seem to get away from, time to time. Many of us were told fables and wives tales, or ethical narratives as we now call them, that taught us how to live and interact with others. But where do we learn the rules that these fables didn't teach...