A Vampire's Story part 1

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A Vampire's story part 1

Christopher was stalking him prey in the black of the night. Of course his prey couldn't' see him. Stupid humans can't see well in the dark, this one is going to be very easy. As Chris stalked his prey he noticed something that put a big grin on his face. The girl was walking into an alley.

Chris jumped off the roof top and landed on his feet gracefully. He turned a corner and collided with the girl.

"I'm so sorry miss. I didn't see you there." Chris said trying to act as innocent as possible.

The girl forced a small smile and said casually, "Oh it's okay I didn't see you there either."

Chris studied the girl. She was about 5'6", she had blonde hair, and green eyes, she looked 16. The girl's smile got a little bigger. Chris could tell she was staring at him.

He had that affect in many girls. Chris had black hair, very dark blue eyes and he was 6 foot flat.

"A young lady like you shouldn't be out here in a dark alley by her self , who knows what might happen."

The girl nodded. "Yeah your right but I can defend myself pretty well." Chris held back a smile and thought to himself, there's no way you can defend your self against me little girl.

Chris smiled a cute smile. Though he doubted she could see him as clearly as he could see her. The girl looked left and right a bit nerves then she looked back at Chris, "My name's Lily."

"That's a very nice name, my names Kevin." Chris lied, he didn't really like to tell his prey his real name. "Hey would you like me to walk you home?"

The girl's eyes...