video games are harmful

Essay by ReneN27A, December 2014

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Rene Elvir

Assignment 2, Point

Videos games are beneficial. Some people focus their attention mainly on the potential dangers than on the advantage of electronic video games, but they are part of our modern society. Videos games can be a stress reliever. Some people might feel extremely frustrated by a variety of factors, such as work, school or college. Working or studying for hours can lead to negative effects in future to prevent this one can try to interact with a video game at least thirty minutes at least twice a week, and results will be extremely beneficial. If a child suffers from dyslexia playing video games will help to stimulate his/her brain by reading indications that have to be read in order to advance the game to the next level. Another benefit is that certain video games can improve someone's eyesight. For instance, Call of Duty which is a shooting game it requires fast eye movement in order to improve aim, and kill the opponent easier.

I am a fan of this game and realized that there was a huge distinction when I started playing this game until now. I have realized that my eyes are used to aim with precision and locating enemies around me way faster than before. I have changed the vision sensibility from normal to extreme. The result that I acquired from playing this video game was reading at a faster rate. Another beneficial game is Super Mario 64, it has been proven that playing this game will increase someone's brain capacity by playing it for 30 minutes every day. This game requires one's ability to solve problems in order to find all the mysteries that are hidden. That is why this game is strongly recommended. By setting tasks and allowing young people to...