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The issue of public education based on a student's socioeconomic status was stated, "in a report published three decades ago, based on family background and achievement test data from over half a million students at 4,000 schools nationwide, sociologist James Coleman and his colleagues came to an inescapable conclusion: the single most important criterion for school achievement was socioeconomic status (SES) especially related to a child's home environment. Public education is equally nationwide, just because who you are is different towards others shouldn't affect your education or what you want to do. Children with lower levels of school achievement shouldn't be basically neglected just because they lack of materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, and encyclopedias, which are needed throughout the school year.

Sociologists and educators have reached conclusions regarding the performances of economically poor students in comparison to middle class students ad they came up with positive and supportive decisions, such as offering jobs and things of that sort.

But then again they say that just because a poor child fails in school it is because of a home environment that discourages learning. In my opinion, I don't agree with that and I think where you come from and where you go shouldn't affect your choices. Well middle class students do already have the advantage cause they have ideas on what they are learning even though they have to do the same things in school as the poor students, but they have those ideas already in their heads while its like with every new topic the poor students don't get it and they can't even get materials to help them out or take notes. Recommendations have been supported and implemented to equalize education for the economically poor such as the students having teachers to review things with them, government...