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Remember when you used to check geography books and think about the new places you could visit and cultures that you could learn. After years and years of research and curiosity finally the day of discovering something new has finally arrived. Today is the day of your first international trip. Don't forget that each country has its ways of dealing with people. I mean, culturally they behave different and not knowing what to do in certain situations can get you in trouble. But you can also be going to a very relaxed, outgoing kind of people culture that will welcome you by the way you are. Let's suppose that your first trip is to Brazil, a Latin American country, where the language spoken is Portuguese. How would you get prepared for that?

Basic things you would have to know. Brazil's favorite sport is the football, called soccer in the United States. Players are born with the ability. Most of them do not need to learn from anybody, it is in the blood and that is what it makes the sport so special in the country. Ah.... Do not forget about the carnival. Every year, millions and millions of Brazilians gather together to celebrate what they call the biggest party in the world. Food is also very important in their culture. Black beans, known as feijoada, they barbecue or the "churrasco" would make any meat lover goes crazy about this dish.

Brazilians are very friendly. Although it is still a country in development it is a modern country. Economical problems, health and security are always explored as things that still hold the country of becoming part of the top countries in the world. But the population has learnt how to deal with the challenges and soon they will...