Voice Analysis of Janie, main character of Theire Eyes Were Watching God

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Throughout Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie's voice makes a drastic evolution, changing from a confined, timid and sometimes lifeless Janie early in the book, into a more sociable, original and expressive Janie near the end. Her grandmother, who partially limited her extents and forced her marriage to Logan Killicks upon her early in the book, conquered her life before the book's beginning and near the beginning. Janie's voice in Their Eyes Were Watching God is impacted by all the different emotional events that she endures, and throughout all of her three marriages. As she ages and moves on to new relationships, her voice seems to be exposed more, and takes a more original tone rather than a scared one. By the end of the book, when Janie is in her marriage with Tea Cake Woods, she has made her entire evolution and is no longer afraid to be herself as she was with Logan and partially Joe Starks.

Early on in Their Eyes Were Watching God Hurston writes Janie in as a shy and trapped character; Janie is always thinking about love and having a less bound lifestyle although all her grandmother wanted was her getting into a financially stable marriage. Chapter two starts off with Janie making a simile between her and a pear tree. The way she said, "Dawn and doom was in the branches." (p. 8) gives a hint that Janie's personality has the possibility of swaying in the chapters to come. Although it'd be hard to realize when first reading, it is apparent that the branches are symbolic to Janie, and that there were many new things for Janie that would help her to bloom into a new voice, but also bad things that came along with the good things. In...