Walmart in todays Business

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Wal-Mart in Today's Business

Wal-Mart represents a positive influence on the market place. Wal-Mart represents a positive influence, because it gives more to the customer then other department stores and looks toward the customers' needs; though, there are a few complaints that some people have; such as, that it hurts the economy because there are so many of them, it takes away from the family businesses, and that people are becoming lazier because of it, but some positives come from these too. In the end, it is up to the people whether one business does better then another.

Several people have said many things that seem to be negative against Wal-Mart. One argument they have against Wal-Mart is that there are too many of them. They say this, but if there were too many of them, then Wal-Mart would close them down or the stores would have gone bankrupt, because they weren't getting enough business.

The reason there are so many stores is supply and demand. It's almost like fast-food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc . . .. There are so many of them because they get a lot of business and more people want them because the sell what the customer wants at a low price.

Another complaint that some people have is that Wal-Mart takes away from the smaller, family businesses. Wal-Mart takes away the business from smaller businesses because of the prices and selection and the employees don't handle customers like family-owned businesses like Ma and Paw stores, Magic Marts, and stores that sell items cheap. These complaints are very minimal considering the fact that if people didn't like Wal-Mart they wouldn't shop there. If people look for service they can go somewhere else; the same with prices and selections. If the prices...