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WHO WANTS TO BE NEXT IN LINE? In Greek words translated as I obey actually mean I get myself persuaded. For a man there is perhaps always something a little shameful about obeying someone - as if allowing yourself to be persuaded is a thing a warrior or hero would be embarrassed to find himself happening to him. The common goal of the Periclean Age was to establish a nation that was built on freedom and beauty, however the methods by which to achieve such a democratic state were and continue to be as individual as the people residing in Greece.

Pericles (493 BC - 429 BC) was a statesman of Athens, Greece during this time of political exploration and expansion. He led the Athenians to remain extremely proud of their city and like all statesmen his words had an extremely influential impact on the appetite for progress of the democracy.

An example of such an oral masterpiece is the address he made after the first battle with opposing Grecian city Sparta. This civil war in Greece had created chaos and sparked worry in the Athenians. Pericles' Funeral Oration was a reminder to them. The great speech was a pep-rally to restate the original reason for which they were fighting; to honor the noble soldiers that died while they were free and to boldly request the people honor such fine men by following in their footsteps.

It was the main purpose of this speech, to remind Athenians what their loved ones had been dying for in the battles with Sparta. Pericles wanted to instill national pride in the city along with a zest to fight for Athens and fight for her boldy. The oration reminds Athenians of their greatness because of the fact that they, as warriors, had more to...