"By the Waters of Babylon" is about a boy in future times who wants to know about the past.

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The short story "By the Waters of Babylon" is about a man that tries to find the answers of the past civilization. This story is like our times because we try to find to find our past if we were made by God or if we evolved by apes. "By the Waters of Babylon" has a good setting, rising action, and is full of action, which makes this story good to read.

The setting of the story starts off in a post war period. Everything known to mankind is gone. All that was left from the Great War known to the next generations was that the people before them died off because the gods were not pleased. This setting is very good because it gets right to the point and tells the reader what happened in the past and takes the reader all the way to the present day.

This gives the story a real effect.

The story has an effective rising action. The main character John starts off as a boy and with his father goes to ancient houses called dead houses where they find metal and pray. When John touched the metal, he knew he was called to be a priest. He goes to the place of the gods thinking he would die, and he didn't. On his way he battled a jaguar, fought a river, and just missed being attacked by wild dogs. This is a very good rising action. It takes the reader in his/her imagination and they can see all these things happening.

One more thing this story has is action. Right from the start the story takes the reader by surprise. John goes into the place of the gods at the end of the story and finds a man who has...