Are We Free Within Society

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Controversy & Debate: Are We Free Within Society? One can never be completely free within society. Society places demands and forms what people do and even what they think and feel. In order to survive in society people must conform to what is acceptable, this is not freedom. Further constraints are placed on members of society because of gender, race and class differences. True equality can never exist, and therefore neither can freedom.

One of the most powerful things contributing to conformity in society is persuasion. All sorts of ideas and ways of living are forced upon all members of society. Persuasion is everywhere, turn on the TV, read a magazine, use a computer, drive along the highway, read a newspaper, just opening your eyes and ears is enough to be made aware of society's views. Whether you choose to go along with them, or reject them, they are still affecting you.

There are differences between males and females and their freedoms in society. However contrary to the popular belief that society affords more freedom to males than to females, I believe the opposite. I think in the current society paths have been paved for females where they now have just as many opportunities as males and even beyond. Society seems to be more accepting and protecting of women's freedoms than men's. It is no longer acceptable to view women as inferior to men. However in social situations it is still custom for men to cater to the women, such as opening doors, and paying the bill. Women's choices and actions seem to be more accepted, such as style of dress and career choice. It is acceptable in society for women to dress feminine or masculine, it is acceptable to be timid and weak, or loud and strong, it...