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Essay by Red_Riding_Hood August 2005

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Date: August 20, 2005

To: Tax Preparer

From: Web Page Reviewer

Subject: H&R Block's website critique

To help navigate the complex US tax laws, H&R Block has created an informative website to assist individuals with their Tax issues. Whether you are well versed and need an only a simple point of reference or prefer to have assistance throughout your tax preparation. The H&R Block web site is designed to help individuals as well as families who do not use an accountant to file their taxes or individuals who require financial advice such as mortgages and investments for retirement.

The site is well organized making it easy to read and navigate. The web site's home page is divided into subcategories and headings with large easy to read buttons to provide quick access to the main categories of this site. Highlighted words in the subcategories provide links to additional detailed information regarding a specific topic.

This web site also provides easy access to other web sites providing greater detail on a variety of relevant subjects if further research in necessary.

Another compelling aspect to this web site is its simple and straightforward design that allows faster access to more detailed information. Dial-up user will appreciate the absence of flashing pictures and minimal site animation allowing them quicker access to information.

The website readability is enhanced and simplified with tabs, quick-links, drop down menus, type-face/font (highlighted and bold face titles) creates contrast and emphasis to the subject. The design elements provide consistency and balance for easy and quick scan of the web site to locate information.

The purpose of the website is clearly stated as the H&R Block brand is both well known and is well established. The main caption: "Get Tax Advice Year-Round" is direct and to the point as to...