The White Heron

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Sylvia's Threat In A White Heron, Sylvia is threatened by the young ornithologist/hunter. Sylvia is a young girl who lives on a farm and loves nature. Her way of life is through nature and the hunter is threatening her life on the farm.

Sylvia's main job at the age of nine is to herd the cow back to the farmhouse. In the first few paragraphs about this task, the reader is shown how Sylvia admires the beauty of nature. Sylvia is so in tune with nature and examined everything she came upon. While at the brook she soothed her feet in the cool water as she listened to all the animals still awake in the forest. Since she was not usually in the forest so late, the first time she describes it as if, "she were part of the gray shadows and moving leaves." I think this statement clarifies how she loved nature so much and how much a part of her life it was.

The hunter threatened this way of life by hunting the very animals she like to listen to and watch as she followed this cow from pasture to back home. How could the thought of a man with a gun hunting the animals that made the forest what it was not be threatening to a young girl who listened so intently to the noises of the forest as explained? Another example of the threats that Sylvia felt was when she first heard the noise of the hunter. She described his whistle as determined and somewhat aggressive. I think that the word aggressive alone brings along the fear and threats imposed by the hunter. When he called to her she trembled and could barely answer the man. The sheer thought that someone was invading her space...