The White Stocking

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Men and Women The White Stocking is saying that the relationship between men and women is a hurtful and untruthful one. The story depicts women as having deceptive feelings towards their partners. Though she attends the ball with her fiancé, she neglects him to dance with Sam Adams the entire night, which is nothing but cruel punishment to the soul emotionally. Elsie was not only untrue to herself but also to Ted, for she brought him on an emotional ride. In the story, women appear to be conniving in their relationships, being with one man and at the same time trying to impress or court another. This was demonstrated when she wore the earrings and stockings just to see Sam's reaction. By playing this sort of game with Sam, Ted, and herself, hurt everyone involved and toyed with Sam's emotions and feelings.

On the other hand, The White Stocking depicts men as controlling and violent, but at the same time overly devout and committed.

From early in the story, you can see that by the way Ted describes his wife, he really loves her and thinks the world of her. He cares a great deal for her and is very observant of her movements.