Why do we lie - this essay answers this question and talks about truth in our society

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"You're so beautiful!"

"Whoa, that dress totally suits you!"

"Yeah, come on ring her! She likes you!"

Have any of you either said or received these comments? Most of you will have heard or said these comments, after hearing these comments I bet that all of you will then feel confident, loved and probably leave with a wagging tail and a wide smile. But have you ever stoped to think, if these people are actually sincere and telling the "Truth", or just rolling out a lie?

In all of our childhood memories, I always remember my parents always telling me, "always tell the truth, don't lie, it's not good to lie" I worshipped my parents and obeyed their every word. But as I grew from a kid into a teenager, these words I have always remembered for the last 15 years from "never tell lies" to "never tell the truth."

What would we do without lies? Lies are the foundation of today's modern society. Like food, we are dependent upon it and we would not be able to survive without it, and as for truth - WHO cares!! Imagine a society where we had to tell the truth. Everyday, you will live in a constant state of worry and pressure. Imagine your friends telling you things that should never have been told, and deep curses about you rippling off their tongues. Imagine that there will be no more secrets. Imagine that people are constantly surrounding you, telling you that you are too fat, too thin, too pale, or too stupid. Imagine--NO wait, there's no way you can imagine a world like that! Because it isn't the way things work! Because the truth hurts!

People as human beings mostly enjoyed being lied to, I know I do. As an example, what...