Why e-commerce is experiencing an increase in consumer and business usage.

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e-commerce is the operation of businesses over electronic means, such as the internet. The nature of electronic business has evolved continuously and concurrently with the changing attitudes of global society. It is the ultimate example of businesses catering for today's generation's desire for convenience, efficiency and user-friendliness. Australians are taking advantage of and utilizing the wide-ranging services of e-commerce enterprises. The foundation behind the growing success of internet businesses is concise; it offers an ease and expediency which appeals to consumers as it allows an alternative method of shopping and business conduct than loosing valuable time on travelling, resource constraints, and storage insufficiencies. E-commerce allows society and business to function collaboratively, resourcefully and competently in the rapid pace customs and culture of today's population.

As a direct result of global e-commerce awareness, communication methodology has changed dramatically within the business arena. Businesses now use the electronic system to transfer information.

Some examples of the difference in current business strategies to old methods are ;

Information acquisition: businesses can now use modern, current web pages to extract information the traditional method was to research through articles, brochures, catalogues and magazines

Sending and receiving payments: Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale, (eftpos) EDI (online databases)

Interstate/international communication: letters, mailings, printed forms are now replaced mostly by efficient email usage.

Internet or online businesses possess supreme benefits as retail/shopping and sales are conducted more speedily and business expansion and product addition is greatly more resourceful and uncomplicated to both consumers and business management. E-commerce caters for those who lack the ability to spend masses of time searching for one particular product in one exact quantity. The product range that consumers gain access to through one mouse/keyboard click is immense as the introduction of search engines allows a variety of different businesses offering...