Why I Have No Motivation

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Why do I have no motivation? Everything in life seems to end at some time. As soon as you are born, you begin to die and everyday you go to school is one day closer to graduation. Sometimes you will become upset or unhappy with everything, but soon enough, these feelings will end. Life has a mysterious way of working with such obstacles. There are many reasons that things come to an end.

I wrote a paper not long ago about keeping yourself motivated. Now it seems that I cannot motivate my own self so close to the end of this year. For some reason, I cannot swallow my own advice and drive my motivation through the roof. For some time now, things have been getting me down. I am stressed about school and my big plans this summer. Classes are winding down; I am worried about my grades, and also coming back next year.

And above everything else, I am just not happy with anything anymore. I have never been in such a state before.

I can trace the reasons for these feelings of angst to quite a few things. First of all this school is quite a stressful environment. Especially being a 4th class cadet, this system is structured to make it stressful, so it will teach you to overcome such anxiety. I have slacked off possibly a little too much this semester and my grades are beginning to show my lack of commitment. Even my "perfect" relationship as I thought of it, is going over some speed bumps. It seems that everything and everyone has problems.

These small problems can often grow, like something cancerous, into quite a big disaster. They can also affect you in many ways. Such as with me, I have lost...