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Kindness is its own motive. We are made kind by being kind. I would like to be President of this club. I would be a great President because I like to help people. I always try my best, get good grades, and I like to have a fun time. I like meeting new people, talking, and I am very responsible and trustworthy. I am very available. During most of my weekends, I have nothing to do! I would love to go to service projects like October-Fest in my spare time. I will do my best to come to the Club meetings. I see this club as an opportunity to make this world a better place even if it is doing a small act of kindness when our world needs so much more.

Being President of is a great responsibility that I am willing to tackle. I myself am responsible.

I have a little sister and she is very young. My parents know that I am responsible enough to take care of her. I also get good grades. I study before tests and I always do my homework. If everyone in this world helped someone else in some way, this world would be a much better place. I help my friends with homework and I try to make an effort everyday to make someone's day just a little bit better.

Trying your best is important to being your best. I try to do things to my full capacity whether it is homework or a sport. I will make it my full priority to come to the weekly meetings. The Club meets only once a week so I am sure I can make them. I am a trustworthy person. If I am supposed to do something, I will get it done. I do not procrastinate.

I am not afraid to give speeches or talk in front of people as much as I did before. Everyone has to give a speech of some sort sometime in his or her life. I like to meet new people. Everyone has a special talent. Everyone has something to teach you. By meeting new people, you yourself grow as a person. Life is no good if you do not have fun. The Club is about helping people while you enjoy yourself with all your friends. In addition, doing acts of kindness will make you feel better.

Would I make a good President? That decision is up to you. I am responsible and trustworthy. I get good grades, help people, and I try my best. I like to talk, meet people, and have a good time. I hope to see you guys at the next meeting as President. I sincerely hope that I can make a difference in this Club. In the end, if all that can be said of me is that I was kind, it is enough.