Why spanking works.

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I will not baby-sit for a family if they don't discipline their children. It is one of the first questions I ask the parents, because in my experience, if parents do not discipline their children, their kids are brats. I believe that though seen as one of the stickiest issues in childrearing, discipline is also the most important. Most parents will agree on this fact, but the controversy comes wth the method of choice. Spanking, when done in love, is an effective method of discipline and should not be banned from domestic use.

Over fifty yeas ago, Dr. Benjamin Spock,a prominent child pediatrician, suggested that all forms of corporal punishment traumatize children, trigger more aggressive behavior in the future, and is entirely ineffective in discipline (Costello). Since then, modern child psychology has been under that assumption. I believe this assumption is based on the fact that criminals of physical abuse were often abused as children, thus turning all corporal punishment into abuse.

Following this trend, many countries in Europe and Africa have banned corporal punishment in the homes. Such countries include Germany, Croatia, Zambia, Italy and Sweden. The European Network of Ombudsmen for Children (ENOC) is an organization that wants to ban all forms of corporal punishment of children in Europe. They give the following statement as their standard.

"As spokespeople for the children of Europe, we believe that eliminating violent and humiliating forms of discipline is a vital strategy for improving children's status as people, and reducing child abuse and all other forms of violence in European societies. This is a long overdue reform, with huge potential for improving the quality of lives and family relationships." (ENOC)

Many advocates of the "no-spanking" movement like to site countries like Sweden as showing how the ban on...