"Why We Flirt" by Belinda Luscombe

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Everybody flirts. Life is nugatory without flirting. By flirting, we mean gleaming our internal light through our words and deeds in such a way that people are attracted to us irresistibly. It is our innate impulse and an essential facet of human communication. Flirting seems to be a natural gift that God has given us. According to Belinda Luscombe, "Flirtation is a game we play, a dance for which everyone knows the moves" (50). Clearly, flirtation behavior is simply in human psyche, and is something very natural. It doesn't seem that there is any need to learn how to flirt. . Every person who flirt thinks that there is nothing wrong in flirting. Although, it seems that flirting is natural, and there is no harm in doing it, but really there is a danger with married flirting.

Belinda Luscombe seems to propose many reasons which make us believe that there is nothing wrong in doing flirting.

First, it is a natural way through which people express their happiness and emotions without asking for anything in return. Therefore, according to Belinda Luscombe, independent sex researcher Timothy Perper says, "People can flirt outrageously without intending anything" (51). Luscombe's point is that people engage in flirting behavior to ease some stress from their minds, and to have a bit of fun. This makes them to get out of a tense situation, and have some leisure time. Consequently, they feel relaxed and refreshing.

Secondly, flirting helps in making relationship bond more secure, and firm. In Belinda Luscombe's view, "The very act of flirting with someone else may bring renewed attention from your mate" (51). Basically, Luscombe is saying that flirting with opposite sex other than your loved one can rejuvenate the relationship. For instance, if you flirt with someone else other than...