A Wild Night

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A Night of Realization It was nearing the end of my junior year and school had let out for the day. Around me the air seemed to crackle with more energy and excitement I had felt in along time. Easter was upon us and in its arrival left us with a three day weekend. The excitement was for Easter vacation. The energy in the air was a sign of the fun and danger my friends and I would experience later in the middle of the dreary night.

To start our three day weekend, a couple of my close girlfriends and I decided to escape from the loud, obnoxious boys. This led us to having a well deserved "girl's night out." A "girl's night" to us meant a movie, pizza, and lots of chit-chat. The movie we laughed through was "Jury Duty" and afterwards we crossed the street to Pizza Hut for the delicious, mouth-watering pepperoni pizza.

We ordered pizza close to 9 PM and left around 11:30 PM. The night took a sharp turn from our original plans when we stumbled into the presence of the boys we were trying to avoid.

With nothing better to do at 11:30 PM on a Friday night, all of us, even the boys, climbed into two vehicles and ventured out into the wide, open country to play a harmless game of "Cat and Mouse." Taking after the name, one car leads and tries desperately to lose the one behind it. The second car tries to keep up by going at high speeds. No one knew that our decision to play one fun game would turn into a disaster.

Bumping along on a country road and going over 80 mph was fun. We laughed and shouted over the blaring radio. We were the "Cat" chasing the "Mouse." All of a sudden we sped over a steep hill and before us sat the car we were after. It wasn't moving!!! The whole incredible incident happened in slow motion. I was an outsider looking at a movie, but the scary part was that this was not fiction! The headlights inched along the road toward the "Mouse." As the lights reached the car I caught a glimpse of the boy in the passenger seat starring up at us with wide eyes and a look that reflected my own, a look of great fear. Someone screamed, "Oh my gosh! We're going to hit!" Within a matter of long seconds came the screeching of metal hitting metal as the two cars collided. It was a sound that could wake the dead.

After the dust cleared and the area around us returned to the quiet it once was, everyone piled out of the cars to see if anyone was hurt. Luckily, Carl, the boy in the car could not fasten his seat belt and had jumped to safety in the nick of time. With shaken up nerves, we went for help. The terrible incident came to a close when we discovered that everyone was okay.

Looking back I see that a terrible night actually turned into something good. All the people involved became closer and started to understand each other better. I was closer to my friends then ever before. I realized afterwards that life is a precious gift and it can be tooken away in a blink of an eye. Your friends and family must be cherished everyday. Seize the Day.