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Men vs Women

The Battle Of Sexes

By Renata Faizutdinova


"Weak sex"..... Is it really weak? Why do they,men, call women weak? Does it concern physical shape? Maybe, psychological? Various researches have shown that women are much stronger than men both physically and psychologically. A man would die because of pain if he were to give birth to a child. Most men faint even when they watch their wives doing it. Women are also much psychologically stronger. They manage to cope with everything around them: the job,the house, the children, the pets, the husband. Moreover, they have to find time for rest and entertainment. An average man's head would blow if he had to deal with everything most women deal with in their every day life.

If females are so much stronger than males, then why do they still call them weak? History gives the answer. A constantly pregnant Stone Age woman could not run fast and fight for the best piece of meat.

Caring about the child inside of her, she would stay aside while men were sharing the quarry. Is there anything else men could think of women at the age when the fittest survived?

The discrimination against women can be traced throughout history. In spite of the fact that there are about as many men as women on Earth, there were only 21 cases when women were elected in government. What is more, there are still countries where women do not have the right to vote. The talk is not about some tribe at its early stage of development. It is about well-developed countries, like Kuwait. Another example is Portugal. Its female citizens obtained the right to vote in 1967! Therefore, we still live in the male-dominating world. A lot of time will pass before...