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Motivation Paper

Dawn Spence

University of Phoenix


Employees of East Coast Auto the greatest asset we have to produce quality products for our customers. We have a rich history and culture that's both friendly and casual. Our ultimate goal is to exceed our customers' expectations, and to do this we need to maintain and continue to attract a highly skilled and committed workforce that reflects a broad spectrum of culture, ethnicity, race, perspective, age, religion, physical ability and sexual orientation. This company puts an emphasis on fostering an inclusive culture that is free of barriers, and in which all employees feel comfortable, motivated and able to contribute to their fullest, in order to create a high-performing workplace.

A truly motivating environment is one where employees feel that their opinions are valued and where they can experience a sense of belongingness.

In today's complex business climate employees not only want appreciation for their work but also want to be recognized as individuals and not just workers. Companies today are adopting a variety of programs to achieve goals together with their employee's satisfaction. These employee incentive programs are not just limited to the sales staff but involve the production and administrative staff as well. All employees are needed to help meet corporate objectives. East Coast Auto relies heavily on the competence and efficiency of the production staff to ensure that our automotive products are manufactured in numbers that meet demands of the customers. If for some reason the employees lack the motivation to sell or manufacture our products to meet the needs of the business, it could result of loss of sales, customers and ultimately revenue. Our employees are the greatest assets we have they help us survive in this...