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As I look into the eyes of the world today, I see death, pain, hypocrisy and fear. There seems to be no love as we wonder in awe at the things being revealed to us through experience. The way truths were once reflected for us, has become a past shadow; and so the travelers keep traveling, and the journeyers keep journeying. What are they searching for? Will the answers await their tired minds? We seem to think as human beings, we are given rights to tear down others. We seem to create in our minds lies that try to hide the real character we own. The hate exists and yet, we have done nothing wrong. So, we are seeing in the world the things that are being formed in us.

Time is allowing us a simple now. Embracing what we know is right seems the only way to survive.

Each breath we let escape may never return. Will we be satisfied with the memories we will leave behind? We need to stop letting death win and force healing to overcome. Yet, there is no healing, for we know of nothing but destruction. We have become a world view, and we will live in the outlook of what has already happened.