World War 1

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As the First World War was raging in Europe, The U. S. was immersed in their own struggle between Pro- and Anti- war supporters. The national government took their usual side of supporting the war, after several devastating events backed them into a corner. Despite the sincere reasons for the war, there was, as is now, several opposing groups to the war. Although the war in Europe was one of blood and gore, the battle back home was a diplomatic and reserved style of war.

Once the U. S. made their decision to go forth and battle on foreign territory, the government went full force into propaganda and recruiting troops. The most common pre-television technique of propaganda was hanging persuasive banners and posters depicting the immense difference and purpose that one soldier can do. The posters often were directed at only one person saying such things as "I want YOU!", or "You can make a difference".

They made individuals feel desired. Solders were viewed as glorious heroes, not as clones sent by the government to do their dirty work.

Propaganda wasn't the only method used by the government to pursue support; they also used a more realism approach as well. The government would open the general public's eye as to what is going on and what could happen to us. Very few people knew what was going on overseas due to the lack of communication ready to the public. People at times didn't realize the horrors of what was actually going on. If America was invaded no one would know what to do; and the answer supplied by the government was to go over and fight them instead of waiting for the enemy to come to us. In addition, the government showed people what was happening to...