You Deserve a Break Today.

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The next time I'm hungry, I will not allow myself to be misled by the false claims of fast and friendly service, clean atmosphere and appetizing, nutritious meals advertised in McDonalds' fast food commercials.

Yesterday, I walked up to the counter where I was greeted by an acne-faced, gum-popping teeny-bopper. In her best Cindy Lauper impression, she said, "Welcome to McDonalds; may I take your order? In an instant my mind flashed back to the McDonalds' commercial I'd watched a few nights before between the reruns of Mash and Taxi. Instinctively I blurted out that familiar, catchy jingle, "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun, large fries, and a medium coke." She rang up my order and said,

"Three-sixty-nine, please." I handed over the money, but instead of receiving my order, I was given an empty tray! She then said, "Would you please be patient and step to the side of the line!" The fast food I'd ordered wasn't ready yet.

Getting hungrier by the second, I stood there for ten minutes before I was finally served.

I then turned to look for a place to be seated so I could enjoy my platter of munchies. It was obvious from the sight of things that the clean-up person was out sick. Most of the booths were already occupied with vagrants who before anyone even left his table were pouncing upon the leftovers like vultures in ambush. I spotted a booth in the corner and made a mad dash toward it. Another customer with his eye on my booth conceded defeat, and the table was mine.

I finally sat down, with taste buds bursting in anticipation. My eyes widened, and my palms began to sweat as I opened...