Are You Ready For Some Football?

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I can remember the cheers, the cheers in our home every Thanksgiving. That's when my family would sit down and watch the Honolulu Blue and Silver go against the enemy, the Green Bay Packers. I was 3 years old. This is when I found my love for the game. My passion for football will never leave me. Professional football does something for me that no other sport can do for me from September to January. I'm sure it will never end until the Lord calls my name.

Are you ready for some football? The phrase is as American as apple pie and Chevrolet. The National Football League was founded in the fall of 1920. The original league name was A.P.F.A. ( American Professional Football Association ). The league changed the name to the "NFL" in February of 1922.

The game of football is one of the most skilled games of sport.

The object of course is to win with eleven men. That is accomplished by scoring. There are several ways to score. There can be scoring opportunities on both sides of the ball which are referred to as, offense or defense. There are key factors in the game of football, The first is the coach. He lays the groundwork or plan of action. A great coach has great assistants and realizes the art of delegation is imperative to reaching the goal of winning the game. The second ingredient is the players. There are players of great magnitude, some have egos which are referred to at time as the prima donna. This spells trouble because this can cause dissention and conflict in the team environment. The other style of player is the "team player". This type of player is essential to the viability of the team and hopefully they out...