You" are too damn old to get an MBA

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For all of my life I have been told how useless I am. My mother and father were alcoholics and drug users, who rode with one of the meanest motor cycle gangs in Hawaii. When I was four years old I was temporarily given to an aunt and uncle to be raised. By the time I returned at eight years old both my parents had started their withdrawals as they struggled to clean up their lives. As the oldest, I was put in charge of raising my four brothers and three sisters. By the time I was nine I had seen enough of life in Hawaii, so I bought a plane ticket and left for the mainland. After reading the note I had left for my parents, they promptly called my grandfather who lived in Los Angeles. My grandfather said "boy, if you want to see the world, I will show it to you."

With that statement made I started my life towards my MBA.

What is in a person's life that designates him or her as being too old? One of the many uses of a calendar is to let a person know that they have been on this planet for x amount of years, months, days, minute and seconds. Nowhere does it say that a person is old, this is just some sort of issue that we humans attach to a person after he or she have reached a certain number of years. But what is forgotten is the fact that as we climb the ladder of life, the rung below considers you to be old. The infant thinks the toddler is too old, the toddler thinks the student in kindergarten is too old, then onward to the elementary student, high school, college students and on...