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Persuasive Essay Dan DuretteEng.12Young DriversYoung Drivers programs are an excellent way to not only learn how to drive, but learn how to drive safely. Programs in B.C. such as Drive Wise offer six three hour in-class sessions, and eight one hour in-car sessions. By the end of these lessons students know more keys about safe driving than anyone else on the road. Why isn't everyone in B.C sending their kids to young drivers? The answer is simple for these three reasons; the course is not made mandatory, it is not offered in school, and oh by the way... it costs over a grand!Teenage drivers in B.C accounted for twenty-six percent of car accidents in the province in 2007. How is it possible that over a quarter of all accidents that occurred in B.C two years ago all involved drivers from the ages 17-20? Perhaps they simply don't know how to drive.

Only twenty-eight percent of teens take a young drivers course before they reach their 'New Driver' status. The bottom line is that the course is not made mandatory in B.C., and it needs to be. Take Alberta for example, we may criticize them for having such a low minimum driving age. At least a young driver's course is made mandatory for all students before they obtain the right to drive on their own. So how do we ensure that all teens are educated in B.C before they take their road test?The answer seems simple. Both my parents grew up in Saskatchewan. All grade ten students in their school took a mandatory young drivers course. This course was like any other and lasted the same amount of time. A similar course is offered today in most provinces in Canada for free, but not B.C. In our...