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Throughout their lives, the Younger's, along with most African Americans, have been affected by prejudice. Unlike many others, they are proud of who they are and the color of their skin. Each member of the Younger family has overcome prejudice in one way or another.

Lena "Mama" Younger has been affected by prejudice the most out of all the Younger's. Prejudice has given her all the strength she has. Mama show's her pride by buying a house in the dominantly white neighborhood of Clybourne Park. She knew of the kind of people living there, but she didn't let that stop her.

Walter Lee Younger has been affected by prejudice in a number of ways. Walter has pride in the person he is, but he doesn't show it very well. He show's this by not accepting Mr. Lindner's deal of paying the Younger's to not move into Clybourne Park, but once there is a money problem, he was going to just give in and accept his deal.

Of course, in the end, he show's his pride and the man that he is and doesn't accept.

Ruth Younger has been affected by prejudice, except in a negative way. Almost everyday she becomes practically a slave for white people by cleaning and doing their daily chores. Ruth has become stronger by prejudice by believing in Beneatha's dream of becoming a doctor.

Beneatha Younger has had to cope with two different kinds of prejudice, gender and race. She has based her dreams on becoming a doctor, which was very unheard of in her days, especially for a black woman. She has pride in her gender and race, and I think she will go through anything to pursue her dream.

Travis, although he has had no problems that were prejudice related, will have to learn to cope with it. He is now moving to a white neighborhood where he will have to go to school with mainly only white boys and girls.

As you can see, the Younger family has each had to cope with a different form of prejudice. Now that times have changed, prejudice is less of an issue that it used to be. The Younger family has learned to overcome prejudice, and not that get in their way of becoming who they want to be.