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What Patriotism Means to Me

our individual free will and independence.I am proud of my country and I am not ashamed to fly the American Flag. Many men and women have died to give me the freedoms that I take for granted. I appla ... y and not ask questions or agree with everything my government says or does. I hope that you, as an American citizen will learn about your government and actively support it, by voting, writing your c ...

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Censorship and the First Amendment

The American Citizen's Right to Free SpeechAre we protected from censorship under the First Amendment? I ... identify exactly who these individuals are that want these items censored. Looking at all levels of American citizens, some are legislators on a local, state, and even federal level. Others are member ... de survey, comprising more than 1,500 citizens was conducted. Through this survey it was found that Americans rate free speech as their second most precious First3Amendment right and regard a free pre ...

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Family Values and How They Relate to Citizenship

America's family values are very important to our citizens. For manyyears the American family and its values have been one of the top prioritiesof our nation. The family is even ... lues have been one of the top prioritiesof our nation. The family is even an essential part of the "American Dream"that we Americans are so fond of. The basic idea of success in America ismeasured by ... d seta standard for the whole of America's people. Family values are of theutmost importance to the American citizen.Family values are basically the core of our way of living. They havebeen important ...

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The Destruction of 1st Amendment Rights In Our Schools

d the constitution of the UnitedStates of America, which contains the most important document toany American citizen, the Bill of Rights. The first amendment of theBill of Rights states:Congress shall ... imedia class, my work is declared 'bad' and myteacher and assistant principal do one of the most un-American thingsimaginable: they censored it. I had to re-make the presentation andlighten the harsh ...

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The human race being a work in progress

n even greater and more civilized world.Education is one of the prime components of life of a North-American citizen. Especially in the 21-century, education is the key to fulfilling one's dream. Educ ... y accepting their surroundings and everything they are told. In the essay, The Closing of the North American Mind, the author discusses higher levels of education and its failures. The author states t ...

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Product Recall information.

agency became a part of the Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA not only protects the American Citizen from unsafe foods but it also monitors drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics. These ...

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How did sister/mother frances xavier cabrini influence others in order to meet her goal.

l over the world (Saint Cabrini). Canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1946, Frances Cabrini was the first American citizen to be make a saint by the Roman Catholic Church (Delaney 125).Sister Frances was th ... it was positioned. It was not until twenty nine years after her death, that she was named the first American saint (Sister Frances Xavier Cabrini).When officials heard about the Missionary Sisters of ...

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This 780 word essay is called "Five Rights". It describes five rights we have as American citizens.

All American citizens are guaranteed three inalienable rights, given to us the day we are born; life, li ... ight to an education, and the right to public safety are some of the most important rights that any American citizen is granted. The aforementioned rights help ensure that all men are able to express ... t all men are in fact, created equal, because we are all given the same rights, no more, no less.As American citizens we are given the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech covers different areas, ...

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"The Identity of an American Citizen." This essay explains in great detail what the "identity" of an American citizen was like in Pennsylvania during colonial times.

The American Citizen of Pennsylvania valued many different things. Some of the main things they valued w ... gs. Some of the main things they valued were family, religion and education, and their economy. The American citizen has greatly changed through out the years.Family is a very important part of life t ... ns of science inquiry. The Franklin Institute was created in 1824. Huan Henry Brackenridge gave the American West its first literary work in his satire "Modern Chivalry". Philadelphia became one of th ...

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The causes of the civil war

and was intended to protect. If asked what was the real issue involved in our conflict, the average American citizen will reply, "The Negro"; and it is fair to say that had there been no slavery there ... r absence of great moral ideas.Slavery was undoubtedly the immediate fomenting cause of the unhappy American conflict. It was the great political factor around which the passions of the sections had l ...

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The Importance of Voting

Are you a registered voter? Women, African Americans, and the poor fought for the right to vote. Certainly, their descendants should exercise t ... ver, in America, almost everyone has this freedom. Voting is an important responsibility that every American citizen should participate in. No matter who you are voting for, your vote always counts. ... ho you are voting for, your vote always counts. Voting should be a sacred right held by each American citizen. In fact, the voting turnout in the United States is remarkably low. A few years ag ...

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What should the minimum age for executions be set at?

sons, that the minimum age to set a person for execution should be 18 years old. At 18 years old an American citizen is legally allowed to join the military, vote, buy cigarettes and play the lottery. ... should not be sentenced to death unless they commit a crime when they are over 18 years old.When an American citizen reaches 18 years old he or she as legally permitted to partake in many choices. The ...

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"The Jagged Edges of a Shattered Dream" Going into detail about Arthur millers characters and text in Death of the salesman.

failure in its most bitter form. Arthur Miller's tragic drama is a probing portrait of the typical American psyche portraying an extreme craving for success and superior status in a world otherwise f ... around him, particularly his family.Miller amalgamates the archetypal tragic hero with the mundane American citizen. The result is the anti-hero, Willy Loman. He is a simple salesman who constantly a ...

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Iva Toguri: Guilty of Treason and Ignorant to Consequences

After World War II, all Americans were in fear of treasonous and Communist acts. It was during this period that Iva Toguri, ... trial for something that no one is for treason, which is arguably the worst act anyone can do as an American citizen. Iva Toguri admitted it to the world for a mere two thousand dollars. There is much ... io Tokyo which was being run by the Japanese Government as a propaganda machine. Any clear thinking American could assume that if they work for a country that America is currently at war with, that is ...

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Receiving Public Assistance as a Child of an Illegal Immigrant

many reasons is that once you are born on United States soil you are or should be considered as an American citizen. Also if you deny some immigrant public assistance it could back fire into an even ... also shown that the rate of immigrants receiving public assistance is only slightly higher than the American rate. For the most part immigrants are smart people who actually end up helping America to ...

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Discrimination in the Workplace

An American citizen has the right to apply for and be fairly considered for jobs, apprenticeships and t ... iceships and traineeships on the basis of merit. There are laws in America that state the rights of American citizens in regards to securing employment. These laws are only relevant to employers who e ...

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Willem De Kooning

ions of the Federal Art Project. However, in 1937 he was forced to resign because he was not yet an American citizen. From then on, De Kooning painted full-time.In the late 1930's, his abstract and fi ...

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American Ethnic History

f the newly formed United States and challenged existing ideas and attitudes of what constituted an American citizen. In addition, immigrants were faced with the difficult task of finding equilibrium ... ration, arrival, living and working conditions, socialization, and increasing assimilation into the American culture were experiences common to all immigrating groups.Edward SteinerOne can easily see ...

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Media's effect on Voters

Media's effect on VotersIn our lazy nation today, most of the American citizen cast their vote on what they see on the news. It is safe to say that the media prim ... o carefully pick their leaders in any level. While vast opportunity of research is available to the American citizen to carefully pick their candidates, they choose to go along with what the media tel ... . Multiple media source is necessary for people in public office. This is usually the case with the American people. They judge things by one opinion only, they usually cast an opinion on an issue by ...

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Lucid Dreaming as a Therapeudic Tool?

The Flawed Belief of The American "Dream"The pursuit of complete "Happiness" and bliss is what The American Dream is made up ... te "Happiness" and bliss is what The American Dream is made up of. A definite classification of the American Dream does not exist; anything that brings joy to an individual. Joy differs from one perso ... age, gender, and a countless number of other factors also have an effect on one's perception of The American Dream. For instance, a boyfriend-seeking seventeen year old female has different ambitions ...

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