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Comment on the statement that the police (UK) can abuse their powers even now?

and Asians say they believe the police in Britain are racist, according to a survey commissioned by BBC News Online. The opinion in the survey reinforces the fact that people from ethnic minorities be ...

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Whistleblower report/ article selected from BBC News online highlights the issue of ...

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Blindly Opposing the Facts: A study of the ill effects of absolutism from the Left and Right wing parties.

can actually prove to hold no weight. Case in point, an article that ran on February 13th, 2003 by BBC News stated that the US Congress had to come up with funds for Afghanistan after "the Bush admin ... 's credibility in regards to the promises of rebuilding Afghanistan, the article ends. But what the BBC News agency failed to report and what is clearly written on the USAID site several times is that ...

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Media Studies - television report on Etheopia

e news report. I looked a Michael Beurks memorable 6.00 report on the 23rd of October, 1984 for the bbc news. Millions of people sat and watched this report all over the UK.His report was dedicated to ...

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Air Safety

assure us that something is being done to address the problem when that is not the case at all. The BBC news reported on September 12, 2002, "The pilots of the doomed American airliners could have bee ...

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CNN and BBC web news comparison

mage in good resolution. It also has a video footage (Real One Video), but there is no sound design.BBC NEWSOwnership of the website:The chairman of the BBC is Michael GradeThe content on the day:The ... ; Money, Entertainment, Health, Music and Society. The website presenting some hyperlinks about the BBC itself. The website is providing services such as getting the news through PDA, and mobile. Ther ...

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Legalise drugs ?

classification for an illegal drug and puts it on par with anti-depressants and steroids (24/01/ More recently in an interview Frontbencher Jenny Tonge {Lib Dem}said in an interview w ... should be used like tobacco, taxed like tobacco [and] let's spend the VAT on something." ( 22/04/ she did go onto later admit there would still be a market for a black market Rig ...

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The Immorality of Taking the Future from a Person: The cons of abortion based on the ideas that a fetus has potential for a future.

t the U.S. Constitution by infringing upon women's rights protected under the fourteenth Amendment (BBC News, 2004). The case was won, and abortion was legalized, under the Trimester System. Under the ... mother; in this, trimester abortion is always legal if a doctor says it is a life-saving procedure (BBC News). This was a large triumph for pro-abortion advocates.Some ground in following decades was ...

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CCTV; Great Expectations, Minor Protection Final Paper: The deployment and failure or success of public CCTV systems in the United Kingdom against crime, terrorism and overall public opinion

uential in, "helping to apprehend such people, and they also help to secure convictions in court." (BBC News) This is true because once a criminal is caught on film, it is almost impossible for them t ... t crime only 5% versus the 20% reduction in crime by the simple installation of brighter lighting. (BBC News)Another misconception about CCTV is that crime is diminishing. In reality, criminal acts ar ...

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Minorities vs. The Criminal Justice System

d's prisoners but we're only 5% of the world's population" ("US Prison Pop...."). In April of 2003, BBC News reported that "the number of people in jail in the United States rose to more than two mill ... tice system. "...80% of inmates are from racial minorities" ("US Prison Population Peaks"). In 2002 BBC News reported that there are more black men in jail than in higher education. "According to [a] ...

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Identity – The Influences It Has On Character Development

lead to the accumulation of foreign debt in turn causing widespread unemployment and labour unrest (BBC News, 2005). From 1962-1965, the Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) became increasingly radical ... int for the transhipment of cocaine; it has also become ridden with drug and gang-related activity (BBC News, 2005). In an effort to deal with government corruption, the Robinson administration publis ...

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Japan Index Fund

nemployment fell. Financial analysts also reported that Tokyo’s real estate prices were rising.BBC News reports “Japan owes its change in fortune to booming export demand from China.” T ... ” www.fool.comMay 25, 2004.“Japan economy ‘getting stronger’.” May28, 2004.“Japanese stock market roars ahead.” 7, 20 ...

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America Under Attack

enemy attacked not just our people, but all freedom-loving people everywhere in the world." (BBC News par.3) ...

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Strategic Analysis of Marks and Spencer in South West

ts energies on its core domestic business, selling off most of its foreign stores. According to the BBC NEWS (2006), Marks and Spencer is going to sell its US supermarket business to a private equity ... mage: they are making about the quality of its products and source.5.2 New Store Opens and ExpansionBBC NEWS (2004) reported they would open a new concept store in Swansea, the store s has created 100 ...

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Learning Linux software

cut costs and improve security, has contracted with IBM to provide computer systems based on Linux (BBC News).Linux is open-source, its code has been heavily scrutinized. Because of this, bugs are fou ... , 2003. p. 51,4149,1234425,00.aspIBM signs Linux deal with Germany." BBC News World Edition. Jun 3, 2002., Roger. "Th ...

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History of 24 News Broadcasting Networks

in the field of international news coverage, merely reaching over half of the viewers of the older BBC News. CNN International, unlike BBC News, takes advantage of their extensive use of affiliated r ... f their extensive use of affiliated reporters that are local to the events they are reporting from. BBC has a very large amount of employees that help round out the team as a while. BBC has 28,500 emp ...

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Happiness, progress and materialism

standard of living has increased dramatically and happiness has increased not at all" (Rudin, 2006, BBC News). Rudin (2006) affirms that despite the huge increase in wealth from the nineteen 50s, leve ... p; -accessed 29/11/06.Rudin, M . (2006). The science of happiness. BBC News. 30/04/06. -accessed 30 ...

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Looking to the Future: Iris Scan Technology

of biometric technology as a new source of identification and security. As reported by Jo Twist, a BBC News Online technology reporter, Biometric technology, simply put, is the recording of “uni ... unction with professors at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. In an article by Ivan Noble from BBC News, it is stated that “Tests of the system by the British government’s national phys ...

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Management Planning

though the decision was overturned, as a company Andersen is relatively finished. According to the BBC News (2002), “many of Andersen's high-profile audit clients, fearing that association with ... practices this company’s management planning should focus on the above named factors.ReferenceBBC News, (2002). Andersen guilty in Enron case. BBC News. Retrieved March 6, 2008 from http://news. ...

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Social Implications Created by Teenagers and Excessive Alcohol

onal changes, then a permanent 'scar' could be created within a teenagers mind.Research in America (BBC NEWS, 2002 ), shows that a study carried out on rats indicates, a two day drinking binge is enou ... letely, then people will always abuse its slight benefits out of want, need and greed.Reference ListBBC NEWS, 2002, Binge drinking cause's rapid damage, [www]. ...

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