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Gun control in The States

agued society. Linda M Hasselstrom,the writer of 'Why One Peaceful Woman Carries aPistol',is an advocate for women to carry handgun.She is so because of one main reason:she's awoman.In the world today ... he would pull out a gun and show power over the other person orpeople.One such incident was playing cat and mouse with a man in Wyoming.Apon her pullingout her gun the man disapeared. But she also say ...

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Street Racing in Our Community.

dreds of young drivers out in the streets trying to prove that their car is the best, while playing cat and mouse with the police. It happens in virtually every city, all over the United States. It re ...

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The ABC'S of 'Hacking' Part 1

r future warriors to find and conquer that gauntlet of challenge kept alive in the unending game of cat and mouse.The nine steps of Hacking are Reconnaissance/Discovery, Scanning, Enumeration, Penetra ... hrough war driving, but that will be explained later. For public institutions like companies and education centers like universities you can go ICANN and do a reverse DNS lookup and find out the publi ...

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"Infernal Affairs" Film Review

d shoulders above all others in its class, making it an international sensation.The film is about a cat and mouse game between a cop working as a mole in a criminal organization and a criminal working ...

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Innovative Approaches to Corporate Management

e time is now for a new approach to management of personnel, products, and marketing.Quality communication is often taken for granted, and many times over looked. Communication between upper and middl ... functions of the business. As stated in an article by McCune (1991) different approaches to communications are sometimes a hard sale to all the management within an organization. He goes on to state ...

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Cat & Mouse: Book Report

In the novel, Cat and Mouse, by James Patterson, Alex Cross, the homicide detective, and his team from the Bureau ... u try to hunt down mass murderers that are all over the continent. They are having a bit of trouble catching onto the clues that the murderers are giving them. Luckily, Cross is a smart and quick-witt ... wants to be a successful homicide detective. Mr. Smith has given the Bureau hints so that they can catch him. Unfortunately, the homicidal team from the Bureau did not quite catch onto the clues. But ...

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Actions taken by the Australian Government to combat cyber crime

event and fight these crimes in cyberspace but their effectiveness is questionable. It's a constant cat-and-mouse game as cybercriminals always find other ways to bypass security and continue with the ... ial cybercrime law until further notice. Japan has just launched a 140 people police task force dedicated to fighting cyber attacks including those from overseas. Their aim is to protect Japanese gove ...

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