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The title is simply "Artificial Intelligence." It is about Artificial Intelligence and the basic aspects of it, but does not go into great mathematical detail.

Intelligence, simply put, is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intellig ... gram. Most AI researchers believe, however, that fundamental new ideas are needed, so the time when computers will achieve a human level of intelligence can't be predicted.There are many ways to simul ...

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Software and High school

The beginning of the 1990's is marked by the era ofcomputers. Everywhere we look ,we see computers. They have becomean essential part of our every day ... we look ,we see computers. They have becomean essential part of our every day life. If the world's computersystems were turned off even for a short amount of time,unimaginable disasters would occur. ... cur. We can surely say thattoday's world is heading into the future with the tremendousinfluence of computers. These machines are very important playersin the game, the key to the success however is p ...

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A Brief History of Databases, describes some old database systems

In the 1960's, the use of main frame computers became widespread in many companies. To access vast amounts of stored information, these c ... ead in many companies. To access vast amounts of stored information, these companies started to use computer programs like COBOL and FORTRAN. Data accessibility and data sharing soon became an importa ... ormation Systems) was introduced. This would prove to be very influential towards future designs of computer systems and the methods they will use in manipulating data.In 1966, Philip Kotler had the f ...

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Will Computers Control Humans In The Future?

ility to do more in less time giving us, at the same time, more comfort.As the technology advances, computers become faster and more powerful.These new machines are enabling us to do more in less time ... e new machines are enabling us to do more in less time making our liveseasier. The increased use of computers in the future, however, might havenegative results and impact on our lives. In the novel N ...

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The future of the internet

In Today's world of computers, the internet has become part of ones regular vocabulary. The internet is everywhere, in t ... t can be done on the internet. People can tap into libraries, tap into weather satellites, download computer programs, talk to other people with related interests, and send electronic mail all across ... positive aspects to it. The new technology that is developing with this rapid growth will help keep computers up to date with what is being developed on the internet. With these technological advances ...

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This essay deals with licenses, privacy, email privacy, copiright and the problems about it.

COMPUTER LAW------------------------------------------------------------------IntroductionThe explos ... laws. The laws involve Intellectual Property Rights (copyright), Cyberspace Law, Privacy, Commerce, Computer Fraud, Hacking as well as International Law. Below are a few examples.Copyright lawTypicall ... ew examples.Copyright lawTypically the primary means of affording legal protection for producers of computer programs, computers, computer systems, etc. is by copyright law.Copyright IssuesCopyright l ...

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Should the US Government be scared of Cyber Terrorism?

they creating something that can be used to create mass destruction for the United States? Everyday computers get faster, new programs are written, or some scientist finds a way to make a job be done ... Most people think the word terrorism to mean bombs, and mass murders, but with the evolution of the computer age, terrorism is taking on a whole new meaning. This new technology is being called Cyber ...

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This is a essay that was written a few years ago about the pros and cons of going into computer technology as a major in college.

Today a career in computer technology is not only smart but it will be one of the best occupations to have by the time ... e of the best occupations to have by the time the year 2000 gets here. Three such career fields are computer operator, computer programmer, and computer technician. Computer operators, computer progra ... mputer technician. Computer operators, computer programmers, and computer technicians must all know computer language at their own expertise level because of the constant changes in businesses due to ...

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dvent of photography, the phonograph, player pianos, motion pictures, audiotapes and cassettes, and computer programs-and it's still going strong. From this historical perspective, then, one might par ... chnologies is not to expect that it will be unchanged, nor that those industries publishing, music, computer software, etc. that depend on copyright law will remain unchanged. To the contrary, pressur ...

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Artificial Intelligence What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? Strong and Weak A.I. The Turing Test Branches of A.I.

defines A.I. as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs." A.I. is generally associated with Computer Science, but it has many important li ... is often divided into two classes: Strong A.I. and Weak A.I.. Strong A.I. makes the bold claim that computers can be made to think on a level at least equal to humans; that they are capable of cogniti ...

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Logic and Perception

ritical thinking as I see it.A few years back, I had taken a college course in logic. I enjoyed the computer programs designed to test the validity of statements and other technical aspects of the cou ...

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Elementary Foundation

Elementary Foundation In David Gelernter's essay titled "Unplugged", he expresses that computers should be in schools and with the right application be invaluable to education. Also, he a ... and with the right application be invaluable to education. Also, he attacks the way calculators and computer programs accentuate bad habits students already have. What's more is that many of these stu ...

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Legalization of File Sharing

Share With All Many computer programs remain available to the public, which allow people from all around the world share ... After a person downloads the songs of their choice, they can easily play the audio file from their computer. This allows people to listen to music from basically any computer with connection to the I ... ough spending money to buy a CD, to listen to music from their favorite artists straight from their computer. People who use file sharing programs can save money by burning the audio files from their ...

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The thought of books being on computers shows mankind's need to use technology. Just imagine all the paper used in books around th ... ave some sort of e-book reader. These don't come cheap at all. Prices could vary from $200 to $600. Computer programs that could read e-books have a certain level of system requirements. These require ... books can become widely popular, people would have to make the choice between migrating to portable computers and purchasing a stand-alone e-book reader. What do you think the storage capacity ...

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Expert Systems Analysis.

tems?1.1.1 A little historyThe goal of Artificial intellignce scientists had always been to develop computer programs that could in some sense think, that is solve problems in a way that would be cons ... pecific knowledge about some problem area.The realization led to the development of special-purpose computer programs that were expert in some narrow problem area. These were called expert systems, an ...

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Information systems 101: Employee Monitoring.

Employee monitoring involves the use of computers to observe, record, and review as employee's use of a computer, including communications s ... tions such as e mail, keyboard activity (used to measure productivity), and Web sites visited. Many computer programs exist that easily allow employers to monitor employees. Further, it is illegal for ... not cover communication within a company. This is because any piece of mail sent from an employer's computer is considered company property. Several lawsuits have been filed against employers because ...

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Describe how your Company Utilizes the Internet.

t prices for the same item. SBC has huge amounts of information stored in legacy systems, which are computer programs and databases that were created before deregulation, during the years of AT&T ...

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Evaluation of Tools against Hacking and Cracking

cure Sockets Layer).1. Introduction:Hacking can be defined as unauthorized access of other people's computer systems for destroying or carrying out illegal activities on the network or computer system ... the network or computer systems. A cracker can be define as someone who breaks into someone else's computer system, often on a network by passes passwords or licenses in computer programs or in other ...

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Suburban Schools Vs Chicago Inner City Schools

the students have a better opportunity to learn. With money, the school will be able to buy books, computer programs, and other sources of learning that enables students to get a good education. Neuq ... foot fly space for theatrical and musical productions. Each classroom is equipped with a telephone, computer, and television. The learning media center provides print, audiovisual, and computer-relate ...

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When Professors Get A's And Machines Get F's

It's time to put a stop to talk about new computer programs that can grade students' essays with less effort and more accuracy than any teache ... eaply and quickly, to boot. Such programs are neither necessary nor desirable. I'm not worried that computers will replace teachers. Technology, used well, can enhance the human aspects of learning. B ... de on the scale, citing plenty of reasons to back up their decisions.The consistent grades that the computer promises to award may be comforting to students, to their parents, and to deans, but consis ...

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