Suburban Schools Vs Chicago Inner City Schools

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Money is a very important aspect in a school system. In fact, I think that the more money a school has, the better off it is. There will be more technology, more supplies, and overall, the building will be in good shape. Besides the school being well built and having safe physical conditions, the students have a better opportunity to learn. With money, the school will be able to buy books, computer programs, and other sources of learning that enables students to get a good education. Neuqua Valley High School is located in a very prominent city whereas Bogan High School is a school on the south side of Chicago. Just forty miles away from each other, these two schools are as different as the colors black and white. The money gap between these two schools is vital; it can make or break a person's education.

Neuqua Valley High School is in Naperville, a south suburb of Chicago.

It is one of the two high schools that make up Indian Prairie Community Unit No. 204. It is a fairly new school; completed in August of 1997, and its capacity is 3,000. The total area of the school is 438,700 sq. ft. and it cost $63,000,000 to build. Neuqua Valley is the most expensive school in the country and is very technologically advanced (Banas par. 3).

Extending back from the main entrance, three academic wings house a learning media center, science, math, special education, and English on the first floor. The second floor houses four forum rooms, foreign language, social studies, driver's education, science and business education. An auditorium anchors the east portion of the building with a 65-foot fly space for theatrical and musical productions. Each classroom is equipped with a telephone, computer, and television. The learning media center provides...