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Affirmative Action: Rethink the Action

Action"The real carries of the civil rights banner are those who are helping end affirmative action"David HorowitzOn a warm April morning, many high school juniors gather in a classroom. Slouched in t ... en students from the group. Students are given full scholarships to the college that selected them. David Gould, dean of admissions in Brandeis University in Massachusetts, is impressed with the progr ...

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Was the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920's Extremist?

as set up to persecute any minority that the KKK felt threatened by.One author to write on this was David H. Bennett and his article "Traditional Nativism's Last Stand." In Bennett's article he gives ... ent the Second Ku Klux Klan as an extreme group is much more convincing way. One article I found by David A. Horowitz called "The normality of extremism: the Ku Klux Klan revisited." This article take ...

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Why African americans should not be given any reparations for slavery.

ican American slave reparations. While I was doing my research I came across an ad from a man named David Horowitz. He is one of the few white people known to be against slave reparations. However he ... the racial divide that is America.1. First, the original victims are long gone, so who do you pay? (David Horowitz "ten reasons why reparations are a bad idea", 2002) If it is the desc ...

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or Americans and obviously created wealth for black Americans as well, including their descendants. David Horowitz argues that "Black America is so large that it makes the African American community t ...

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Political Correctness: A controversial piece about how political correctness is dominating the public school system.

is site--to expose the liberal indoctrination in public schools. I scoured the internet looking for David Horowitz-- America's most outspoken academic freedom crusader. To my dismay, his only focus is ...

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Political correctness in teacher evaluation.

on sickens me. Our public system oppresses what they want to encourage: open and honest discussion. David Horowitz still remembers the McCarthy era, when even though he was liberal, his teachers still ...

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The Ethics of Academic Freedom

why should we now change the rules to suit or behavior?Academic Bill of RightsConservative author, David Horowitz believes that with a new Academic Bill of Rights, we can get the liberal thinking col ...

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Reperations For Slavery

d Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea¾ and Racist Too was created by David Horowitz, a former Black Panther turned conservative activist, and sent to more than 30 colleg ... , but an issue of a newspapers right to control it's own content.While the First Amendment protects David Horowitz's right to produce and distribute his ad, the First Amendment also protects the right ...

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Humanity In King Lear

ot really love him so he banished her. Lear in his arrogant manner misinterpreted Cordelia's words. David Horowitz demonstrates this in his book, Shakespeare An Existential View: ...she means the bond ... m begins. Unlike Cordelia's bond to her father, Goneril and Regan's bond was the complete opposite. David Horowitz describes their bond as being: . . .without a root in nature: is bound to the dower, ...

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Reparation Of Slavery

hat it has to be done because of all the pain and sorrows many African Americans have gone through. David Horowitz, the President of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and a best-selling auth ... correct about his views of it. Reparations for slavery is the right and should definitely been done.David Horowitz view for the reparation of slavery is that it is factually tendentious, morally incoh ...

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right to believe what we want but we do not have a right to force our beliefs onto other people. As David Horowitz eloquently states, "academic freedom [thrives] in an environment of intellectual dive ...

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John Rockefeller

as the industry itself expanded, encouraged by the rapidly spreading use of kerosene for lighting (Horowitz).The firm of Rockefeller & Andrews soon found additional capital from Henry Morrison Fl ... its capital to $ 2.5 million merged with Clark & Payne and acquired 18 refineries in Cleveland (Horowitz). In other words, after the deal was cancelled, Rockefeller was in a position of controllin ...

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