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Dutch Difficulting with English Dialects

Dutch Difficulties with English DialectsKnowledge of the Dutch language is not sufficient to be unde ... wledge of the Dutch language is not sufficient to be understood all over the world. Therefore, many Dutch people have taken the effort to acquire a level of near-native proficiency of the English lang ... al varieties of English, for example Irish and Scottish dialects. Nevertheless, the majority of the Dutch have learnt British English instead of Scottish, Irish. Why would this be the case? Although t ...

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A New and Improved Society

aveling to other parts of the world. For an example, in the past world, I took a trip to Holland. Dutch was the dominant language spoken and there were multitudes of Dutch signs that I could not rea ... and there were multitudes of Dutch signs that I could not read. Also, the people of Holland spoke Dutch as well. If I would have known the Dutch language, I would have been able to read the signs, ...

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English And ICT

geland: de tradities en de geschiedenis,..5. · Language (helemaal bovenaan de site in de hoofddin) Een woordenboek voor Engels (kijk in de tabel en ...

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Het Reservaat

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Discretion In Legal Decision Making

Discretion In Legal Decision MakingBeleid is a Dutch concept, difficult to translate, that is an integral part of Dutch culture and society. The En ... only half of its meaning. The definition of beleid, according to an authoritative dictionary of the Dutch language, refers to a set of contradictory connotations: on one hand, beleid means to manage a ... ivil servants and the police everywhere resort to such informal strategies. What differentiates the Dutch situation may simply be the publicity and legitimacy with which they do so. Instead of being f ...

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