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Donnie Darko: Critique of Suburbia

Following in the footsteps of movies like Edward Scissorhands, and Pleasantville, Richard Kelly creates a suburbia in his film Donnie Darko th ...

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An analysis of the cinematic techniques that are used in the portrayal of the 'outsider' in films. Why are such films popular and what do they tell us about society as a whole? GCSE A grade.

We looked at three films from the 1980's and 1990's - 'The Elephant Man', 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'Rain Man'. An outsider is someone who has been rejected by society. They a ... ally worse, than 'normal' person either because they look or act differently. I think John Merrick, Edward and Raymond make good protagonists because you empathise with them. You start to feel how som ... airytale impression. At the top of the stairs she sees an untidy, pale man who we later find out is Edward, whose name gives the 2nd film we looked at its title - 'Edward Scissorhands' - directed by T ...

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Johnny Depp - A Philosopher Among Actors

hooting day. Other movies that Depp was warned not to do, which went on to become successful were: "Edward Scissorhands," "Dead Man," "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," and "Pirates of the Caribbean," for ...

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Imaginative Journey [speech]. Explore the ways in which the concept of the Journey is represented in a variety of texts. The Tempest, Wind In The Willows Extract, Edward Scissorhands.

Tempest," the B.O.S Stimulus Booklet Text 3 "The Wind In The Willows," and Tim Burtons' 1990 film, "Edward Scissorhands."William Shakespeare's imaginative text, "The Tempest" presents a situation with ... reminds the audience that not all journeys are a positive experience.Tim Burton's speculative film "Edward Scissorhands" presents the imaginative journey using the conventions of a modern day fairytal ...

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"Edward Scissorhands" Tim Burton What techniques does Burton use? How does this text relate to journeys?

What type of and what journeys are undertaken in the film Edward Scissor hands by Tim Burton?The movie takes place in an entirely artificial world, where a Go ... houses are shades of pastels and all of the inhabitants seem to be emotional clones of the jetsons.Edward's JourneyThe main character, Edward goes on a major journey. From the beginning of the film w ... it feels if you are different and are amongst people who fit neatly into societies accepted roles. Edward is looking for love and understanding, which is something that you long for. He has been take ...

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Being different separates us from others and gives us our individuality. We say to people that it is better to be different but, is it really?

Edward Scissorhands shows that it is better to be different. Being different separates us from other ... rent, but in the eyes of those that are different, really different, is it really better?The Film " Edward Scissor Hands" is about an inventor who creates a boy to keep him company in his mansion, as ... is complete so the boy is left to look after himself. The one difficulty, he has scissors as hands.Edward Scissorhands is a variation of the classic horror theme exemplified by the story of Frankenst ...

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Tribute Article: Johnny Depp (About why Mr. Depp is successful and how he inspires people.)

ase his creativity and grow as an artist.I genuinely admire Johnny Depp for taking on roles such as Edward Scissorhands, Sam (of Benny and Joon) and one of his more recent characters, Jack Sparrow, a ...

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Edwards scissorr hands review and evaluation

EDWARD SCISSORHANDSFILM REVIEWThis bittersweet comedy about love, hate and innocence touched me deep ... dy about love, hate and innocence touched me deeply and amused me as well. Directed by Tim Burton, "Edward Scissor hands" is a story of a man, Edward (played by Johnny Depp) who is created by an old i ... an old inventor who dies before he gives the finishing touches to his creation....Due to his death, Edward his only half finished ie. He has no hands. Instead of two normal hands, he has scissors in t ...

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Creative Response from "Edward Scissorhands" - the movie "STAMP YOUR FEET TO THE TUNE OF INDIVIDUALISM"

numerous have been in relation to a single figure, still well remembered by many, this person being Edward Scissorhands.Stamp your feet to the sound of individualism is my slogan. And I wish that by t ... ction you can be sure that my party will urge many women to get out into the work force.The life of Edward Scissorhands cannot be compared to the life of another. Everyone has the chance to dream and ...

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The major themes, ideas, and characterisations between Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw" and Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands".

At first glance, it would appear that Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw" and Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands" have only one thing in common: they are both from the gothic genre. But upon lo ... ere are a number of other similar traits between the two. There are noticeable similarities between Edward and the Governess, as well as similarities between Edward and the two children in The Turn of ...

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"Edward Scissorhands" is much more than just an amusing story- it is a social commentary.

Many people have enjoyed and laughed along the queer and strange tale of Edward Scissorhands. Yet, as amusing as it is, the story is just not a movie to make people laugh at ... ame scene. He is isolated because people only judge him of his appearance and they treat as a freak.Edward Scissorhands also exposes the fear of people to new cultures, races, social groups and the is ... solated people simple because they are different to 'normal' people. For example in one scene where Edward eats with the family, the whole family is staring, or just feeling awkward. They are acting l ...

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Galvinists, Mary Shelley and Cloning- New ways of 'Creating Humans'

Introduction"Edward Scissorhands" is, if you understand the movie, actually a very serious movie reflecting on ho ... g on how bad some neighbourhoods are at accepting different people into their closely knit society. Edward Scissorhands is created by his 'inventor', who builds his different body parts and organs and ... is different body parts and organs and at the end, dies of old age just when he was about to attach Edward's hands onto him when Edward still had hands of scissors. Edward is created much like Franken ...

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Descrive the film techniques and thematic ideas which tim burton uses in "Edward Scissorhands" and link them up with the genre of the movie.

Many people have enjoyed and laughed at the strange tale of Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands" but beneath this comedy underlies many more themes and genres which portray the ... ood from the bad.Tim Burton's unique creative mind has allowed two or more genres to fuse and form "Edward Scissorhands" The traditional features of the gothic genre is shown to a certain extent for e ... falls. This begins to reveal the underlying theme through out the movie. When the audience is shown Edward's house through the eyes of Avon, an innocent sales representative of a makeup clinic, they s ...

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A deconstruction of the movie 'Edward Sissorhands' showing the devices used to construct the discourse of being different.

Everything changed the day the Avon Lady came callingEdward lived alone where he could hurt no one, and no one could hurt him. Until the day, the Avon la ... the day, the Avon lady came calling. Jonathon Mason takes another look at Tim Burton's masterpiece Edward Scissorhands.Released in 1990, "Edward Scissorhands" is a gothic fairy tale set in modern sub ... ands" is a gothic fairy tale set in modern suburbia that tells the story of a mysterious invention, Edward. Before Edward was completed, his inventor died before finishing him, leaving him with scisso ...

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Speech on archetypal texts: Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and Bram Stoker's "Dracula"

science fiction literature ever published. Their appropriation into many forms, such as the films; Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton and Frankenstein by Kenneth Branagh integrates the archet ... reated archetype, Frankenstein creates the rejected creature, the ‘Inventor’ manufactures Edward and hatred of the Church produces Count Dracula. During the time that Shelley and Stoker were ...

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Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton featured two important sequences. One being the Salon sce ... was the Ice Angel scene which displayed very effective lighting and costuming.The turning point for Edward was a scene being one of the most important and effective which was the Salon scene. The musi ... cene. The music was very symbolic, especially with the title being 'With these Hands' which matched Edward's deformity. Joyce see's Edward as something that will make her stand out and be noticed beca ...

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Tim Burton Style Analysis

ton has a habit of making trees a part of all his movies, along with other techniques. In the films Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, director Tim Burton uses lighting and mus ... hows his style, eeriness. In both movies, there are a lot of light-dark contrasts. For instance, in Edward Scissorhands outside of Edward's dark and creepy house there is a bright garden. The irony in ...

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German Expressionism

German ExpressionismEdward Scissorhands vs. Donnie DarkoEdward Scissorhands and Donnie Darko are such good examples when ... In matter of the case set design, colour, camera techniques and sound are going to be the subjects. Edward Scissorhands (1990) Directed by Tim Burton. Donnie Darko (2001) Directed by Richard Kelly.In ... ssorhands, most of the time the story happens in a pastel colors community, but the main character (Edward) used to live in a very dark and gothic style castle that is right in the end of one the stre ...

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