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'How true would it be to say that Socrates was a sophist?'

be able to teach wisdom which they interpreted as statecraft. Most were non-Athenians who attracted enthusiastic followings among the Athenian youth and received large fees for their services. Sophist ...

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The Real Sucker

girl. Pete was so happy that he didn't mind Sucker's admiration toward him. Sucker became a bright enthusiastic child who loved being around Pete. He was so happy that he didn't want anything to chan ...

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Psychiatric Report, The Stone Boy

been very nervous. I understand that before the accident, Mr. Curwing was once a very charming and enthusiastic boy. One whom I should mention was very fond of his older brother and greatly admired h ...

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The following essay stresses the importance of teaching literary theory to students in the secondary schools, allowing them to see the world from multiple perspectives.

ness. As he sat there, his reticence and stern countenance were stark contrasts to the sibilant and enthusiastic voices resounding throughout the room. Nearly sleeping now from the teacher's prolix ex ...

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Teenager Crimes in China Content: Several factors, involving education, families, and networks, are concerned with the teenagers in China committing crimes.

Teenager CrimesTeenagers, as we should have a brief idea in the mind, are pure, innocent, enthusiastic, and less worried than adults do. However, teenagers now in China commit crimes more th ...

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Through the Eyes of a Child: The unconditional love of my granddaughter.

wo-year-old child with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her lips are like little rose buds and her enthusiastic smile can warm the coldest of hearts. Her name is Serenity. She is my grandchild, and s ...

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"All quiet on the western front" about World War I.

arly see how his attitude towards the war and beliefs about the war change from him being proud and enthusiastic to go to the front to him questioning the whole idea of war and just wanting to survive ...

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Illussions of heroism WWI era illusions of disillusion in europe.

What better way to serve your country than with enthusiastic noble patriotism, to fight for honour and prestige to protect your nation. Only to find ... acrifice of your life that such a romantic ideal is an illusion. The illusions of heroic, noble and enthusiastic notions that people believed of war were destroyed quickly by reality and were demonstr ... e different circumstances for the returning soldier at the close of the war. The civilian society's enthusiastic support for the soldiers did not last for the duration of the war but would naively tur ...

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Applying for a job: Cover letter

should then state why you are applying and why you have chosen their company. Don't forget to sound enthusiastic and excited about this position. An employer will hire you for your abilities and your ...

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Overcoming Barriers to Change.

or of the change will often be small in number while those opposing the change will be numerous and enthusiastic in this resistance to change." Changes are a part of everyday life. Change can be requi ...

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This essay is about the natrual scientist, Charles Darwin. In this essay i will describe Darwins improtance to the science community

by the formation of atolls and their resemblance to fringing reefs surrounding volcanic islands. An enthusiastic student of geology, Darwin suggested that atolls represent a latter stage of volcanic i ...

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This is a paper concerning the epic "The Odyssey" and its relevence.

contribute color and texture to the epic. One of the most recurring is the character Telemechus. An enthusiastic youth, he dreams of one day thwarting his enemies, the suitors. They have ruined his li ...

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The Title is Antisemitism and the Dreyfus Affair. It answers the question of whether or not Cpt. Dreyfus would have been arrested if he was not a jew. The essay states that he would not have been.

tism and the Dreyfus AffairThe Semite is money-grubbing, greedy scheming, subtle, sly; the Aryan is enthusiastic, heroic, chivalrous, disinterested, frank, trustful to the point of naiveté. The ...

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Opic: Mussolini and Fascist Italy

mounted an extreme propaganda effort, and provided youth organizations that were designed to create enthusiastic and devoted Fascist Italians.The membership of the Fascist youth organisations had incr ...

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge.

spirit was born; we were Canadian and could do a good job of paddling our own canoe." These are the enthusiastic words spoken by one Canadian soldier about the Battle of Vimy Ridge on February 1917. T ...

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"Cathedral" written by Raymond Carver.

at to his wife, he also thought that Robert may be a hassle to deal with. The man stated, "I wasn't enthusiastic about his visit. He was no one I knew. And his being blind bothered me" (Carver 1). Bec ...

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What Explains Gladstone's Development from Tory to Peelite to Liberal?

father. Gladstone had wanted to enter Holy Orders, but as Winstanley points out, his father was not enthusiastic about this decision and so Gladstone decided that he could fulfil his religious duties ...

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Critique and Analysis of "Goodbye Saigon" by Billy Joel

Song:"We met as soul mates"The soldiers were enthusiastic, buddies, and hopeful for a better life."We left as inmates, from an asylum"The soldier ...

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The Flamenco World of Don Quixote

same types of clothes as the women.From personal experience, it seemed to me that Don Quixote is an enthusiastic visionary crazed by his readings. Don Quixote imagines that he is in a different world ...

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Mise-en-scene Analysis of "Good Will Hunting"

ng of a Harvard class, where the students appear to be attentive, clean cut, well dressed, and very enthusiastic to learn. In the scenes depicting the community college atmosphere the setting is of a ...

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