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An essay that describes the 'coureurs de bois' (wood runners) very in-depthly and also at the same time briefly!

When the fur trade first began, First Nations and Inuit people brought the furs to the trading posts. They would arrive ... ench for 'runner of the woods'] a fur trader who went into the woods to find fur and trade fur with First Nations).The coureurs de bois learned the ways of the woods from the First Nations. They were ... way the Natives taught them. They dressed in the same kinds of clothes and ate the same food as the First Nation peoples. A typical meal consisted of pemmican (Dried and powdered meat, usually buffalo ...

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Two diary entries (journal) of a voyager's journey being a Hudson Bay Company's fur trader and his personal experience and views

to stop onshore and hunt for food. As we were about to begin we were fortunate to meet up with some first nation's women. They offered us pemmican and harvested wild rice to eat and even provided us c ...

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by the Provincial Government of British Columbia, the Federal Government of Canada, and the Nisga'a First Nation. It is clear that this is a complex matter, and that there is a need to understand what ... at aboriginal self-government means to aboriginal people. It means that aboriginal people were here first and that it is their right and not a right that should be given, but instead one that is inher ...

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Has the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into British Statue law fundamentally altered the role of the judiciary in British politics?

ion was an attempt to ensure that basic human rights would be protected thereafter. After being the first nation to sign European Convention on Human Rights in 1951, the British government did not fee ... tical interference, and there are a number of conventions in place to ensure that this happens. The first is that judicial salaries are fixed and relatively high to ensure that they are less open to c ...

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A Tsleil-Waututh First Nation Totem Pole

First Nations Artifact AssignmentTitle: unknownEthnic Group: Burrard Band of the Tsleil-Waututh Firs ... f it with a face carved between its four limbs. The face looks like a carving of a man, probably of First Nations decent and representing a specific person. On the upper half (8.75" or 22cm) of the to ... tourists who were unfamiliar with the style of art traditional to the region. This huge demand for First Nations souvenirs led to the sale of millions of cheep wood or plastic totem poles, tomahawks, ...

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Same-sex marriages: Viewpoints and Theories

highest court declared that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage, becoming the first nation to declare this. Many people, both in favor of and against this decision, were intervie ...

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Integration of Indigenous Knowledge and the Physical Sciences

ther knowledge bases than the Western societal norm. The deculturization and devaluation has led to First Nation's students generally not embracing scientific and environmental ecological discourses r ... mework? Before attempting to protect and reconnect the knowledge base of Aboriginal peoples we must first try to understand more in depth the history of Traditional Indigenous Knowledge.Defining Tradi ...

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The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Includes footnotes, title page, works cited page. It is 5 pages 1323 words.

the pressure from foreign countries to withdraw was overwhelming. In 1919, the USSR was the first nation in the world to recognize Afghanistan as an independent state. The relationship between ... f the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were put into place by the USSR. "The invasion represented the first Soviet attempt to annex an Asian state since Mongolia was made a satellite in 1925." The invas ...

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The Monroe Doctrine causes and effects

The Monroe Doctrine can be considered as the United States first major declaration to the world as a fairly new nation. The Monroe Doctrine was a statement of ... nic Wars in the 1820s some of Spain?s colonies gained their independence. The United States was the first nation to recognize their independence from Spain. After Napoleon was defeated, the monarchy i ... t had been only 40 years since the American Revolution and the War of 1812 was just awhile back. At first without consulting John Q. Adams he had agreed to the proposition. President Monroe favored th ...

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Worlds Music

III Millennium B.C., alongside the Babylonians and the Assyrians.In 301 A.D., Armenians became the first nation to officially adopt Christianity as their national state religion (http://www.oneworld. ... ar and a philosopher created the Armenian alphabet. Moreover, Mesrob Mashtots can be considered the first known musician of the newly Christianized Armenia. With the help of another composer, Mesrob c ...

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Nisga'a Final Agreement: Self-government and its implications on the people of the Nass Valley

Canada. In 1998 the Nisga'a Nation signed a tripartite agreement between the people of the Nisga'a First Nation and the governments of Canada and British Columbia and became characterized as setting ... gards to the Aboriginal peoples' rights to claim self-government, through treaty negotiation in the first place. Therefore, the constitutional rights of Canada's Aboriginal peoples were given formal c ...

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UBC versus SFU

versities in Vancouver, the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU). First of all, in terms of campus, the SFU campus is eseentially a great big concrete building. SFU i ... logy and commerce, while SFU is famous for its programs in business administration, criminology and First Nation Studies. Although it has been said that SFU'S business program is considerably easier, ...

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Racism in Modern Canada

overty. 42% of the Aboriginal women are poor, while only about 20% of the other Canadian women. The first nation women get lower salaries, as compare to other women in our society, as well as the Abor ... Canada, the universities history courses teach mainly about the western societies and not about the first nation's. One could understand from this, that the western society's history is more important ...

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Backround of the Armenian Genocide

me given to Armenia by its neighbors long ago. Local citizens refer to it as "Hayastan". It was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its official language in 301 A.C. Armenians received much pros ... olice stations, burned down Muslim houses, and barricaded themselves in the Armenian quarter" ("The first genocide of the 20th century?"). 15,000 refugees from the surrounding areas soon rallied to th ...

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Contemporary Native American Issues

Today we hear about the colonization of a group of people, one of those groups are, the First Nation People. For many years, the non-native people have been trying to assimilate the First ... eople, to make them as part of mainstream society or in other words "civilized". For centuries, the First Nations people have lived off the land, and survived this way. To the Native people, using mot ... assist the elders and other band members by providing food. I had inquired about why do some of the First Nation people live in poverty? Why is it that the government want to take away our treaty righ ...

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Country report of UK and petroleum industry

England, Wales, Scotland, and north Atlantic islands of Wight, Hebrides and Shetland. The UK is the first nation to witness industrial revolution in early 1990. The great invention of steam engine was ... es in 1885 by Karl Benz, petroleum soon became a sought after energy source. The United Kingdom was first industrialized nation and after US it was first to develop the technology to make the modern p ...

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Republican Vs. Democrat

nt by an electoral college. In spite of this, by the early 1800's, the United States had become the first nation to institute nationally organized parties, and was also the first to transport executiv ... on.By the 1830s political parties were a firmly established part of the political system. After the first documented direct primary, the method of choosing party candidates for office by popular vote ...

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Sweden's Organizational Norms

d include compensation, risk acceptance, communication, organizational structure and power distance.First we will cover compensation. Sweden prides itself on its worker benefit laws. They consistently ... er compensation. Sweden prides itself on its worker benefit laws. They consistently trend to be the first nation to establish pace-setting or breakthrough laws. The United States tend to adopt these b ...

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An Indian Remembers

In "An Indian Remembers," Mary Englund- a first nation woman- recalls her experiences in a Christian residential school. Her story describes t ... ciplines, it is possible that the nuns also relied on degradation as another method to civilize the first nation students. Englund says: "[the nuns] were always degrading us because we were Indian."&# ... ould [read] perfectly"(438).This could suggest that the nuns had a racist attitude toward the first nation students so they would find their culture objectionable and loose their ties to their b ...

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Aborginal History

1972, paved the way for the transfer of power from the Federal and Provincial governments to local First Nations Communities across Canada. As impressive as this revolution may be, there is still a t ... dary school curriculum. Currently there is no accepted or effective strategies for teaching First Nation history and culture within the Canadian Social Studies program. First Nations history i ...

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