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Citizen Participation and the Roadless Areas Initiative (This may also fall under 'Forestry')

the year 2000, the Clinton Administration directly issued several new rules to affect the National Forest System (NFS). The most controversial of these rules pertains to 'roadless areas' of the NFS. ... icts road building and development in approximately 58.5 million acres of inventoried United States Forest Service (USFS) roadless areas, roughly one third of all NFS lands. Before the Roadless Rule w ...

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Teddy Roosevelt achievements. Why he should go into Great Americans Hall of Fame

rivate developers he bought up land. Roosevelt also supported Gifford Pitchet, the head of the U.S. Forest service, which restricted lumber companies from over cutting. In Teddy's act of buying up lan ... Teddy's act of buying up land he put up some amazing numbers. He added 150,000,00 acres to national forests, he established 5 new national parks, formed 51 national bird reservations, and made 4 natio ...

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The Spotted Owl Controversy

trees.In May 1991, Federal District Judge William Dwyer issued a landmark decision finding that the Forest Service had violated the National Forest Management Act by failing to implement an acceptable ... the northern spotted owl. His decision forbade timber sales across the spotted owl region until the Forest Service implemented an acceptable plan. An injunction blocking timber sales in Northern Spott ...

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Endangered Spotted Owl

ern Spotted Owl was designated as threatened through the entire range. The Spotted owl lives in the forests of north America. They are becoming endangered because their habitat is being destroyed by l ... ned owl may go for naught if the trend continues, said Erica Forsman, a spotted owl expert with the forest service. Forsman's research in the 1970's and the 1980's helped win the spotted owl listing 1 ...

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Spotted Owls, Loggers, and Old-Growth Forests

is a nocturnal bird with a 2 foot wingspan and weighing approximately two pounds. The owl lives in forests between British Columbia and San Francisco and prefers old growth forests. Old growth forest ... and San Francisco and prefers old growth forests. Old growth forests are over 200 years old. These forests have a complex ecosystem with larger trees than younger forests. The canopy these larger tre ...

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Book Review - Khademian - "Working with Culture"

for it's strength and influence (Khademian, pages 16-20). This is similar to Kaufman's ideas in the Forest Ranger, where we saw the building of culture through the Forest Service as something that gre ... peaks about in regards to collaboration and the influence of culture with policy.Similary, with the Forest Ranger, Khademian develops an idea that what shapes culture is both internal and external. In ...

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Fires In Montanq

National Weather Service is guessing that will come in October, When the last fire is out, the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Interior expect they will have spent in excess of $1 billion on ... te alone. The companies' hit the hardest will be those that rely on the land. University of Montana forest-industry researcher Chuck Keegan added that thousands of loggers and log movers there have ha ...

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The Northern Spotted Owl Versus Loggers

s and early 1990s. The listing threatened to restrain logging in the remaining stands of old growth forests. This resulted in a confrontation as well as a dilemma, portrayed as ?Jobs versus owl.? The ... ed as ?Jobs versus owl.? The forests of the Pacific Northwest are among the last reaming old growth forests in North America. Northern spotted owls rely on these old growth forests because they provid ...

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Roger Daniels' View of The Struggles of Immigrants

ations contained oil, gas, gold and timber. Theodore Roosevelt created orders which transferred the Forest Service fifteen million acres of timberland from numerous reservations. In the 1920?s Indian ...

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An Analysis of Technical Writing

In the Journal of Forestry article, "Fuel Treatments at the Wildland-Urban Interface: Common Concerns in Diverse Regio ... Christine Vogt, and Jeremy S. Fried, variables associated with public acceptance and beliefs about forest fuel management strategies are examined. The use of six open-ended questions, where the quest ... rgument begins with the assumption that their audience believes a lack of public acceptance hinders forest fuel management:Fuel reduction has the best chance of success if managers understand the fact ...

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Total Quality Management

d be creative which allows them to feel like he or she is a part of the whole business process.U.S. Forest Service and TQMI work for the Forest Service which is a government organization that controls ... government organization that controls all forest lands in this country. There are over 100 National Forests in the United States with each forest having its own supervisor. For TQM to work in such a v ...

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