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The Vist

night sky of Neton was a clear one. The deep blue,almost a black but well illuminated by the bright fullmoon, glistened with a pattern of twinkling stars. Thebackground light from Brisbane was almost ...

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Day the World Turned Black

a special day in October, for the sun did not rise and the moon did not set and everyone woke to a full moon. During the night the sun had mysteriously vanished and this inscrutable incident enervate ... y every night and have a ball, for they have nothing else to do but enjoy themselves. The ships are full of interesting anecdotes and emaciated people, for partying nonstop takes a lot out of someone. ...

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A fiction story about a night with Norman Bates.

Norman Bates and I were trick or treating in a haunted cemetery. There was a full moon out and a heavy fog was surrounding us. I started hearing moans and screams coming from th ...

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Poems on LOST LOVE.

y the coming sunsetwhere another dawn is a heartbeat away...I would paint a cloudless night where a full moon cascadesa calm sea with glittering silver shadows...I would paint the first breath of spri ...

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The Scary Friday Night.

The Scary Friday NightDescriptive writingIt was a Friday night. The full moon was shining through the bare branches making scary shadows on our path as we walked. A coo ...

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The Moon. It was for my "Space" progect and I did not get marked for it. Due to the numourous sources I do not have a bibliography.

oon was Neil Armstrong.The Moons phases are New Moon, Waxing Crescent, 1st quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last quarter and Waning Crescent.The average desktop computer is 5-10 tim ...

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Control or Insanity in Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart".

Control or Insanity in Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart".Poe weld's the full moon at midnight, like a beacon enlightening the truth that lies in the knowledge that madness ... g paragraph you are given a big glimpse into the narrator's madness. "True! nervous-very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but will you say I am mad?" (1206). The narrator is constantly tryi ...

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City or Country?

e the stars shining brightly. When evening arrives you can sit out on the front porch and watch the full moon rise and listen to the coyotes howl in the distance. The peace and quiet is very relaxing. ...

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The Damned

spered through the remaining leaves of the lone oak tree atop the cemetery hill. The light from the full moon gave the tree an unholy aura; its shadow becoming the silent guardian of the graves as it ...

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Dead as Dark

t continuous motion. The graveyard floor began to grumble as if hungry.The sky was clouded, yet the full moon was viewable, in an unusual fiery tint. The nearby forest was dark and coming to life, wit ... ill make a young lady scream a shriek of death. They begin a simple citizen, then at the sight of a full moon they evolve to the uncontrollable, evil creature that we fear.The streets and town buildin ...

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The Power Of Nature

g. I witnessed two humpback whales leaping enormous heights, drawing arcs at the bottom-half of the full moon which embossed the firmament. Gloomy streaks of clouds which seemed to fuse with the backd ...

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Establishing the mood of fear

s if I was not alone. The only thing visible was the shadows cast form the trees under the luminous full moon's light. Squinting my eyes in an attempt to find my way along the path, I stumble and fell ...

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Religion in Tibet

ed the way of self-mortification and instead sat in mindful meditation beneath a bodhi tree. On the full moon of May, with the rising of the morning star, Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha, the enl ...

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Motivation- What is Ernesto's motivation for such a journey in motorcycle Diaries

make it stronger. In addition, when Ernesto writes about the land, he does it so vividly and beautifully as in the passage, "The full moon is silhouetted against the sea, smothering the waves with si ...

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Creative Writing - The Beast Beneath

n the paper I feel overwhelmed by a sense of dark magic. The story began like this:It was the third full moon that month. It was not as shiny and round as the first one but definitely brighter then th ... from people under torture. I never paid attention then knowing that lots of thing could happen on a full moon night.I finally fell into a deep sleep and I didn't wake until the sun filled the room wit ...

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Nature in God

In the midnight air, I gazed upon the celestial sky, While the bright, full moon shines to light the dark, spacious night. The twinkling, little, precious stars made me sm ...

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The Facility

ened, and Dr. Evil came into the room, followed by some guards."What a pleasure!" he exclaimed cheerfully, pushing my chin up as if to examine me."Get away from me!" I snarled back, pushing him roughl ...

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J.r.r. Tolkein

J.R.R. TOLKEIN High above the grasslands of South Africa, a full moon played hide-in-seek with the clouds. Somewhere in the shadows below, a pack of wolves howl ...

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Imagine If You're An Archeaologist In The Distant Future And You've Just Discovered Santa!

Upon the dig carried out on the site of "Sid Knee", on the 16th day after the 2nd full moon, we have made a very important discovery about the religious side of this amazing ancient ...

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A Night I Can Never Forget

I was reborn again. It was an evening that opened the doors of a new world for me. A world that is full of contentment. I never thought such an evening would change my life.It started first when this ... out of the building, the weather was fabulous, the sky was clear, the stars were shining and it was full moon. Everything was matching with my unbelievable night.After I stepped in the car I was aston ...

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