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Its a story about monkeys, that i made up when i found a monkey at the park one day.

riments involved implanting electrodes in the rats' brains, and the rats experienced some pain. The Humane Society learned of this and raised complaints, resulting in the shutting down of the zoology ... re stunned, and three died. The Digital engineer needed to be calmed down; he was going to call the Humane Society. This became known as the Great Dead Monkey Project, and it leads of course to the ap ...

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Animal Adoption Should Have More Reqirements

at the adopting owners consent to random house checks to confirm that the animals are being treated humanely.I see certain dogs where I live that don't leave the spot where they are tied up for any re ... on animal abuse reports in a more thorough manner whether it be by personal or visual contact. The Humane Society with the help of volunteer staff should inquire the local Veterinary Clinics to see i ...

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Letter to Editor(for euthanasia)

nd it is up to the patients to decide they should end their suffering or not. We would be more of a humane society if we had legislation to allow patients who have a terminal illness, and who are in c ...

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Horse slaughter

get hold of them, to the time they become another dish, has been kept from the public. Horses are inhumanely transported and held, for no other reason than enjoyment of those in other countries. What ... ion: from 1986 to 1995 2,500,000 of America's horses were doomed to that ill fate. However, for the Humane Society and a large portion of the concerned population it is not so much the use of the hors ...

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Animal Abuse

s or go shopping. An example of neglect is, a dog that is chained up outside. From the web site The Humane Society of the United States is states that "A chained animal is caught in a vicious cycle; f ... of socialization and the owner sees this and still does nothing about it that is animal abuse. The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward to anyone who can give them information on ...

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vet tech

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