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The view of women in varios cultures

y a paradoxical status. On one hand, there is an abundance of goddesses occupying pivotal places in Indian mythology. On the other hand, there are inhuman Atraditions@ piled against them; Sati, Dowry- ... itions@ piled against them; Sati, Dowry-system, etc. come to mind. Yet, now there are possibly more Indian women in scientific, medical, and professional areas than many Aliberalized@ Western nations. ...

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Indians. Crafts and recreation.

Indian women were very fond of sports, creativity, and games of chance. Handicraft products were one ... edium.The making of ceramics was most highly developed by the Mississippi Valley tribes. The Pueblo Indians used pottery to carry water. Due to the long distance they would travel, the pottery was mad ... tive and beautiful. The Great Lakes and the Plains tribes did especially fine bead work.Some sports indian women played were fun while others were competitive. A strong woman was not looked down upon ...

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Indo-Canadina woman

authors Patricia Vertinsky, Indy Batth, and Mita Naidu, strive to understand the struggles faced by Indian women in Canada in the field of sports participation. However, little research has been focus ... ultural beliefs and values of their own. I will discuss them in such an order.A common portrayal of Indian women is the fact that they are both fragile and inactive, and as a result have no formal int ...

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Choice vs. Tradition, marriages.

In some traditional Indian societies, marriages are arranged by parents or families. In some cases, the couple does not ... re they live- or go horribly wrong, where the wife can become a servant or prisoner to her husband. Indian society is quick to reject divorced, separated or abandoned women. If a woman went home becau ... honor, which is of most importance, would be abolished and they would be made social rejects. Most Indian women have no choice but to endure their arranged marriages if they take a turn for the worst ...

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"An American Indian Wilderness" by Louis Owens.

An American Indian WildernessA short story by Louis OwensThe Reflective Lone RangerIn Louis Owens' essay "An Ame ... urn the surrounding area back to its natural state. After completing his task, he meets two elderly Indian women, who tell him that their father had built the shelter in the previous century. He sudde ... med about what he had just done; however, the two women forgive him and he starts to understand the Indian philosophy in regards to "Mother Nature" and his own detachment with it.In the first half of ...

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Indian vanity.

Indian fashion varies from village to village, from one city to another. Indian fashion heritage is ... , vibrant in colors and truly beautiful. In the next couple of paragraphs, I ill talk about Ancient Indian clothing, fashion, jewelry, bindis and basically just things that make up Indian vanity.Ancie ... ncient Indian clothing usually didn't involve stitching even though they did know about sewing. The Indian sari remains the traditional clothing of Indian women. A sari can be worn many different ways ...

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Wide Sargasso sea: Changing ways

1945 and 1966. Critic Elizabeth Nunez-Harrell writes in "The Paradoxes of Belonging: The White West Indian Women In Fiction", that "the novel is a response to the nationalistic mood in the West Indies ... to preserve and legitimize Caribbean culture she illustrates such things as a large influx of West Indian immigrants into England, and the relations between whites and blacks which were often tense, ...

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History of Womens rights from 1865-1915

he White Woman's Burden", which chronicles the British feminist movement's relationship to colonial Indian women between 1865 and 1915. Firstly, this text will be comparing and contrasting Burton's ar ... od. In addition to this, the text will juxtapose how anglo women (Memsahibs) living in India viewed Indians in relation to their female sisters back in England. In addition to this, the paper will exa ...

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dinary and natural" life course and are deeply discredited, but contrary to Goffman's theory, South Indian women cannot "pass" or selectively disclose the "invisible" attribute, and they make serious ... hey make serious attempts to destigmatise themselves.Voluntary childnessless is rare in India, most Indian women want to give birth and studies have stated that if infertility does occur than the wome ...

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Response paper: "The Implications of the Lavell Case"

m. The other subjective is self-definition and cultural affiliations (Martin - Hill, 2006).To be an Indian in Canada is not just a cultural identity but also a legal category. The Canadian State, rath ... legal category. The Canadian State, rather than aboriginal communities themselves, has, through the Indian Act of Canada, historically legislated who is an Indian. One of the most glaring examples of ...

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The Conflict between Western culture and Indian culture dipicted in 'The Guide' by R.K. Narayan and 'English Lessons and other stories' by Shauna Singh Baldwin.

career as a tour guide and lover where as Baldwin's collection of fifteen short stories talks about Indian women trying to come to grips with their situation of cultural displacement in North America. ... isplacement in North America.Both novels share a common theme that is based on the conflict between Indian and western culture which leads to cultural displacement and adaptability to more than one ro ...

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Indian Women

Indian Women, Discrimination, and Their Struggle for Status Indian women, and women in general for t ... in general for that matter, have been no strangers to discrimination. Since the nineteenth century, Indian women who have married outside of their race have suffered from a form of discrimination, whi ... outside of their race have suffered from a form of discrimination, which was shared by neither male Indians nor other female Canadians. Until the introduction of Bill C-31 in 1985, Indian women automa ...

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Sexual Equality and Indian Government: An analysis of Bill C-31 Amendments to the Indian Act By Joyce Green This article ... Green This article deals with Bill C-31, what it stands for and how it has affected change for the Indians. Before Bill C-31 was passed if you were a status Indian women and married a non-status Indi ... lost your status and if you were a white women who married a status man, you received status. Also, Indians could be enfranchised, meaning they could sign their rights away. They usually did this for ...

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The Fall Of The Aztecs

nish would begin to bring gifts to the Aztecs. The leader of the Spanish men, Cortes', would use an Indian women named Marina to translate and compromise with the Aztecs. This woman became very useful ... em by the Spanish. Cortes' on the other hand would become stronger. He would join forces with other Indian tribes that did not like the Aztecs to raise an army of almost 100,000. They would defeat the ...

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Navajo Women

nts and with related issues to employment. Such questions about the meaning of their identities as Indian women or Navajo women were included.I still feel that the Navajo women born after the civi ... rights movement had a less difficult time dealing with the belief system that being of an American Indian identity meant the person was devalued or lower than Anglos. I feel that during and after ...

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"women In Between"

(Women in between): Indian Women in Fur Trade Society in Western Canada," is an article written by Sylvia Van Kirk, who ... da," is an article written by Sylvia Van Kirk, who has done a significant amount of research on the Indian women's role in the fur trade society in Western Canada. In Van Kirk's article, she makes an ... society in Western Canada. In Van Kirk's article, she makes an argument by showing how unhappy the Indian women were with their Native husbands, which in turn made them seek refuge In marrying and fo ...

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The Status of Women in India

habited by settlers for many millennia, even before Aryan tribes from the northwest infiltrated the Indian subcontinent around 1500 B.C. . Throughout this enormous time period, many changes have occur ... on against women lie in the religious and cultural practices of India . Additionally, the status of Indian women has varied back and forth for that time period as well, depending on the time period an ...

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Montana 1948 by Larry Watson - Charcters, Plot Summary, Conflict, and Themes

is going through.Marie Little Soldier is lives with the Haydens as their housekeeper. She's a Sioux Indian and married to a white man. When she becomes ill, it is uncovered that Frank Hayden, David's ... an. When she becomes ill, it is uncovered that Frank Hayden, David's uncle, is raping and molesting Indian girls. Marie is later murdered by Frank.Frank Hayden is David's uncle. He's a successful doct ...

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Tanishq: Positioning to capture Indian Women's Heart

Tanishq: Positioning to capture Indian Women's HeartA Case AnalysisSubmitted By: Amit Goel Word Count - 1724 words�In ... k to exports. WGC has therefore introduced international jewellery designing competitions among the Indian artisans.GJEPC expects 10 per cent annual growth in India's jewellery exports in coming years ... o started its jewellery division under the Tanishq brand.Among the branded jewellery players in the Indian market, Tanishq is considered to be a trendsetter. When it was launched in 1995, Tanishq bega ...

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