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The Jakarta City Live, a short piece that describe the social-cultural aspects of Jakarta.

liard is considered as a place to express our feelings, after a long day work in the metropolis. In Jakarta, billiard has been 'hot' for about two years and attracted thousands of fans to play and inv ... e drinks.While Afterhour combines billiard with club and bar, Bengkel, the biggest billiard site in Jakarta only consists of 120 tables. Those tables are never empty, and in weekends they claimed that ...

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East Timor's location, government and history.

pulation. It continues in defiance of the United Nations Security Council which has twice called on Jakarta to withdraw "without delay" as well as eight General Assembly Resolutions. It has been maint ...

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Politics in Arts

is movie has no message. On the contrary, DdAB which tells about a hard life of beggar community in Jakarta, full of symbolic scenes and dialogues, hardly get any public attentions and was rejected to ...

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Marx's Conflict Theory & the Fundamentalist Theory (and how it applies to Indonesia today).

scheme. This widespread acceptance was primarily due to the approach that Ali Sadikin, governor of Jakarta, took to the problem.Early in his governorship, Sadikin acknowledged that both Jakarta's peo ... suffering from rapid population growth. As a potential solution to this problem, he introduced the "Jakarta Pilot Project" - a government-funded family program - into the city in 1967. Sadikin was a d ...

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George W Bush speech "1st person talking"

th, 2001, terrorists left their mark of murder on my country. The attacks that followed -- on Bali, Jakarta, Casablanca, Bombay, Mombassa, Najaf, Jerusalem, Riyadh, Baghdad, Istanbul and Madrid were n ...

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Why do we lie - this essay answers this question and talks about truth in our society

ory that I happened to read the other day is an example of this, One of the many bombing victims in Jakarta was five-year-old Manny Musu, who was with her mother at the time of the blast, her mother w ...

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Lessons of the Imperialist Propaganda (Indonesian Colonial History).

. This incident acted as a major distraction to the Japanese occupation in Indonesia. The next day, Jakarta witnessed the birth of PPKI, the Preparatory Committee for Indonesia's Independence. The fir ...

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Political Islam in Indonesia.

Islamic aspirations of the Muslim majority in Indonesia, sparking debates about whether or not the Jakarta Charter should be part of the Constitution. These political religious strives are part of 'p ... Islam' (an ideal nation based on and operating in accordance with Islam). However, efforts to make Jakarta Charter part of the Constitution were persistently met with failure. With the first democrat ...

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ACCT 801: Lincoln Electric Co. Venturing into Indonesia

r Ministry's official data listed 177 industrial labor strikes in 1997, and 70% of this occurred in Jakarta ( Way is characterized ... PracticesIndonesia's infrastructure is in need of improvement. Roads circling major cities such as Jakarta must be well connected, and routes from industrial estates to highways and strategic ports m ...

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Newspaper article: What Is It Like To Live In One Of The World's "Hot Spots" ?

ence had the people of Indonesia grieving, the people of Sumatra very jittery; and as quoted in the Jakarta Post,Just imagine... One child points to a dark cloud and everyone's shouting 'It's Doomsday ... orld is trying to renew itself!For people like me who live in the densely populated capital city of Jakarta, earth quakes are quite rare and if they do occur they are mostly tremors. However, the boxi ...

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Economics Assignment - Comparative study of Australia and Indonesia

gh there is a certain amount of poverty all over Indonesia, it is focused around areas distant from Jakarta, such as Irian Jaya, Aceh and Kalimantan. These areas are also areas of conflict.The terrori ...

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Bad Public Transportation System

system is the first cause of urban transportation problems in some big cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta and Surabaya. In Indonesia, public transport is widely known for its low safety. There are m ...

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Cruelty in Animals

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Gagalnya Pembangunan

ktor peroperti di Indonesia terus meningkat. Antara tahun 1992-1997, pembangunan sektor properti di Jakarta mencapai angka tertinggi di dunia. Pemerintah mendapat banyak pemasukan baik legal maupun il ...

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Monorail, a Transformational Solution for Jakarta

Monorail, a Transformational Solution for JakartaOne of the biggest obstacles in Jakarta is the one and only, traffic. What are the options av ... ines are some of the alternatives. How about building monorail as the main public transportation in Jakarta? A monorail is an electric-powered bus that runs on an elevated concrete beam. They are tota ... could travel anywhere using the monorail and not deal with the troubles of the congested streets in Jakarta at lunchtime, end of the day, or anytime. Monorail deserves to be discussed as a viable plan ...

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