Bad Public Transportation System

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Bad Public Transportation System

Idelia T.T

In most countries, including developing country, public transportation system has been set up in order to comply with public demands. Malaysia, as an example of developing country, has developed its public transportation networks quite well by providing many different means of transport and organising them properly. Unfortunately, it does not happen in Indonesia yet. As a developing country, public transportation system in Indonesia is still bad. In fact, the bad public transportation system in Indonesia causes so many effects that become a chain problem of urban transportation nowadays.

Bad public transportation system is the first cause of urban transportation problems in some big cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta and Surabaya. In Indonesia, public transport is widely known for its low safety. There are many fatal accidents which cause people got injured or passed away. Moreover, some means of public transport, especially bus and angkot, have low level of service in many aspects, such as lack of punctuality, long waiting time, insecurity on board, and poor maintenance of fleet.

Those all factors influence public transport users' satisfaction. If the customers are not satisfied yet with public transport service, they might prefer to use private vehicles.

Due to the fact that Indonesian public transport has poor service quality and unsafe operation, many people would rather travel by their private cars or motorcycle. It happens because public transport still cannot compete with the attractiveness of private car or motorcycle, such as high flexibility, comfort, and rapidity. Therefore, traveling by private vehicle might be more convenient because its users can move almost immediately and arrive at their destinations whenever they want. Those factors cause many people to buy personal vehicles. However, the impact of this condition is bad. If many people prefer using private...