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This is an essay about the achivements of William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli.

nd Benjamin DisraeliWilliam Gladstone (1809-1898) and Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) were two notableprime ministers that contributed greatly to the politic arena of Great Britainbetween 1868 and 1894. ... to the politic arena of Great Britainbetween 1868 and 1894. Of these two, Queen Victoria's favorite prime ministerwas Benjamin Disraeli. The biggest difference between them was that Disraeli ledthe Co ...

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Outline the different roles and assess the relative importance of the UK and US cabinets.

er than influence or make decisions as the UK cabinet does. In the UK the cabinet is made up of the Prime Ministers closest advisors and ministers whose job is to help the PM decide on new legislation ... would be fair to say that Tony Blair is moving away from the Cabinet government and more towards a prime ministerial/presidential government more in line with the United States. There are also severa ...

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The government style of Japan after WWII. It was changed and reformed by America with American ideas.

h the Meiji Constitution, which had permitted the emperor or those who acted in his name to appoint prime ministers without regard for the Diet. The new constitution also added an American-style indep ...

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The Powerful American Presidency.

ferent from, for example, the English system or the Canadian system. In a parliamentary system, the prime minister's party does not have full control of the government. The seats are divided between a ... they earned. The winning party may have the majority, but usually not an overwhelming majority. The prime minister's powers are very limited, because he has to follow his party and the parliament. In ...

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Biography on Pierre Elliott Trudeau

e judge a life? In a recent book two historians ranked Pierre Trudeau a paltry fifth among Canada's prime ministers. If criteria for eminence were to include vision, force of character, style or intel ...

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The Euro & Whether Britain Should Join the Euro ?

, they would be least likely to go to war. Eventually the EU was formed. It was set up in order for prime ministers of different countries to meet up and decide on policies that would be enforced by c ...

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Elizabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess

amilies in Yransylvannia in the 13th century. The Bathory family held titles as kings, princes, and prime ministers. Power and prominence was their top priority! Jerome Kruase(2003) states that "when ...

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Comparing William Haigs Article to Black Adders 'GoodByeee'

War, mans way of solving problems. Its quite ironic really as presidents, prime ministers, and leaders or countries teach their children that fighting/killing is wrong and to ...

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Presidentialism in Britain and Australia

h Australia and Britain is identified with political parties. The system demands it; you can not be Prime Minister without your party having a majority in the Lower House. However, popular and media v ... various events and the achievements of a National government all upon the success or failure of the Prime Minister. Hence, there are a great many people who discuss the so-called 'presidentialisation' ...

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e found all over the world. Leaders are the generals leading their troops into battle, they are the Prime Ministers and the Presidents taking care of world issues, they can even be found on the sports ...

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progress by crushing them militarily and then governing them politically. President George Bush and Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Howard in their current invasion of Iraq are the twenty-first ce ...

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The Gandhian Concept of Non-Violence and its spread in the United States

s, the merchant class, of the Indian social system, though both his father and grandfather had been prime ministers in the government of local, princely states. In his famous An Autobiography, which h ...

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W. Laurier

All prime ministers have different ways of treating people. Laurier for instead had made some changes at ... oved the Canadian army in the next argument.The last argument that can prove why Laurier was a good prime minister is the naval issue. Laurier said no to give money for the British army but instead th ... da and he worked hard to improve Canada.In conclusion I would like to state that Laurier was a good prime minister to Canada. For example English was the only language of instruction but he allowed if ...

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Formation of United Nations and Canada's Involvement.

e Kremlin. The Government of Canada immediately placed Gouzenko and his family under protection and Prime Minister Mackenzie King told his British and American allies of the situation. All three leade ... ce and police force. "- Lester B. Pearson, Secretary of state for external affairsIn 1961, Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker led the Commonwealth in taking a stance against racial discriminatio ...

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Critically discuss how Egyptian pharaohs of this period (besides Hatshepsut) established and maintained the empire

ontrol and maintain the society wholly and completely. These include titles such as the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Monarchs and Dictators of today; to Napoleon Bonaparte, through to leaders of the m ...

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Australia Military

strong argument against the sending of our troops to the Gulf, with it's constant reference to the Prime Ministers fears for their safety. The use of the word "˜Dread' in the opening paragraph s ... r troops are being sent on a suicide mission. This message is strengthened as it is coming from the Prime Minister, who should be hopeful for our troops as he is the one who decided on sending them in ...

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How did PM Hawke contribute to the development of Australia in the late twentieth century?

Robert Hawke has been regarded as one of Australia’s popular and effective prime ministers after the post-war period. His government carried out many social and economic refor ...

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Gladstonian liberalism

d bills concerning Ireland, at the time these were fairly controversial, as he was one of the first Prime Ministers to address the Irish question. The first act that Gladstone passed as Prime M ... d of liberalism and his many liberal acts showed how passionate he was about it. He was not a great Prime minister but during his first ministry he tried very hard to spread liberalism that appealed r ...

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Who Dictates UK Foreign Policy

tish Foreign minister is officially the key policy maker on the subject of Foreign policy. However, Prime ministers such as Thatcher and Blair seem to have taken up the reigns of international policy. ... olicy. This seeming reduction of the power of the Foreign secretary, and the growth in power of the Prime ministers can be attributed to the key role which foreign policy now plays within are country. ...

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Describe the extent in which Ben Chifley Achieved His Light on the Hill.

Joseph Benedict Chifley born September 22, 1885, Australian politician and 16th Prime Minister of Australia, was one of Australia's most influential Prime Ministers. Among his gove ... of the labor movement, not as putting an extra sixpence into somebody's pocket, or making somebody Prime Minister or Premier, but as a movement bringing something better to the people, better standar ... nt would not be worth fighting for", a quote from the ‘light on the hill’ speech given by Prime Minister Ben Chifley on 12th June 1949 to describe the objectives of the labor government. The ...

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